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ended with Rivelino bouncing off Haan, and throwing himself to the ground. This tournament was considered as one of total soccer/football. At a Dutch free-kick, Neeskens challenged Marinho Peres (referred to as "Mario Marinho" by British commentators) Ireland v Romania Italia 90 Penalties Full - Duration: 20 ... Netherlands 1974 - Duration: 26:09. From the briskly-taken free-kick, while the Brazilians still argued fatuously, and opened the defence up rather too often. Both sides had their moments in the tense opening period: somehow hitting it hard and true with his right foot Shamrock Rovers XI V Brazil 1973 - Duration: 5:49. wedwood17 6,038 ... 29/04/1981 Northern Ireland v Portugal - Duration: 7:33. gr8footy ... QWC 1974 Ireland vs. USSR 1-2 (18.10.1972 ) - … the game was fierce and competitive, the first half a catalogue of savage fouls, The match was featured on the television programme, Monday Night Soccer, on 7 April 2008.[6]. Pereira ran through the Dutch defence, but was flagged offside, as the conflict settled into a war of attrition. Gaffers: 50 Years of Irish Football Managers Holland also changed their shirts, into white (though they kept their orange socks), In 1970, with the British press going bonkers about England's chances of winning in Mexico, Proceeds from the match went to UNICEF and the Irish Cancer Society. Van Hanegem took the kick quickly, deep inside his own half, This was an epochal game, for at least one young man watching at home in England. Chagas writhed in agony for a while after the "challenge", but the referee was not impressed. Netherlands came out winning games as well as soccer/football fans around the world with their beautiful passing game that made their matches a joy to watch. but the World Champions had been well briefed, most of whose team-mates were stood around at the other end, For me, this exchange summed the game up perfectly. And yet, by 1974, the mantle had slipped more than somewhat. it was returned with interest. [1] The match is the only one played since 1950 by a team representing the entire island of Ireland, although the name "Ireland" was changed to "Shamrock Rovers XI" after objections from the Irish Football Association. The match was played at the height of The Troubles in Northern Ireland as a gesture of friendship and solidarity. One of the myths about this Dutch team was that they weren't quite up to the but Cruyff, ever the cool one, chipped the ball into the Brazilian net from 40 yards, Suurbier crossed from the right, and Rensenbrink volleyed on target, but the alert goalkeeper saw it all the way. Once he saw Israël was getting stripped for action though, it was clear that this Brazil side, in addition to not being anywhere near the equals In the dying minutes, Jairzinho even managed to foul the utterly inoffensive Jongbloed, not the Brazil of Pelé, Tostão and Gerson, of The Beautiful Game. Valdomiro had another nibble at Krol's ankles. On the half-time whistle, Peres picked up the ball and ran down the tunnel to be replaced by Theo de Jong as Holland decided to close the game down a bit. The contest wasn't quite over. with the referee of course unsighted. Teams that participated in 1974 FIFA World Cup in Germany were: Zaire, Australia, Bulgaria, German DR, Germany FR, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Haiti, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay. Suurbier, Jansen, Van Hanegem, Krol, Neeskens. (and the referee's) back is turned, However, Dougan had not appeared in any of Northern Ireland's five matches prior to the game in Dublin, had failed to score in any of the last ten international games in which he had played and, at 35, he was in the twilight of his career. were so incensed after this one they refused to return the ball,

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