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Expats should be aware that not only could learning the language be a challenge for their children, but the differences in culture could prove frustrating as well. Many other safety regulations are in place as well, such as not allowing pregnant women to lift heavy objects or work in certain dangerous conditions. Many expats also enjoy the quality of education their children receive in Germany. Making friends and being able to communicate with childcare professionals and schools will be one of the most important things you will do while raising children in Germany. No matter the reason for an expat finding him/herself about to raise children in Germany, be it due to work, love, or life changes, learning the language is important. With doctors appointments and paperwork on the horizon, a strong grasp of the language is essential. Not when there are teachers to be talked to and play dates to be organized. All in all, most expats believe Germany is a good place to raise children, and state that the country as a whole is very family-oriented. The act also makes allowances for nursing mothers. All Rights Reserved, Language Courses and Language Services USA & Canada, Tel: 1-877-566-9299 (USA) / 1-416-800-9242 (Canada), rates high on the scale of great places to raise children, 3 Perks of Being Multilingual in the Job Market. Also, if you have school … She stated that, in her home country, the United States, most of the world history she learned was about America, and how it fit into and influenced world history. Though the thought might seem overwhelming, having a child often helps … It is not unheard of for an expat with a child to be approached by a well-meaning German and chastised for the child being under – or over – dressed for the weather. No longer can you avoid confronting the language head on. Parents may struggle with certain things that children adapt to quicker and vice versa. If a woman is nursing, by law, she is afforded breaks throughout the day for that reason. Fortunately, Germany is generally considered to be a great place to raise children. Kindergarten starts at the age of 3 and runs until the age of 6. As soon as you find you are pregnant, most agree, your language skills will need a drastic improvement or refresher. Contact us to brush up on your German before heading over. Overall, education, and child care in general, are less expensive and of a higher quality than that found in America. If your children are older, there are a number of prestigious international universities that offer expat students the chance to easily assimilate, and excel at school. If the chance is available, take some time to evaluate the different cities in which you may choose to live, and check into available child care programs. Those regulations, and others, came about with the Maternity Protection Act of 1968. For instance, in industries other than healthcare, hospitality and agriculture, pregnant women are not allowed to work between 20:00 and 6:00, nor are they to work Sundays or holidays. Her son would learn a different slant on that type of history, she stated. Most cities have many activities for children and families, and it is not unusual to see mothers, fathers, and children all playing games, visiting museums, and eating in restaurants to spend quality time together. Add an infant or young child to the equation and you’ve got a twofold dilemma. Expats who fit the criteria are also eligible for these allowances which continue at least until the child is eighteen. In general, Germans can be more direct than people from other cultures and can come off as rude to those who are not adapted to the culture. Germany constantly rates high on the scale of great places to raise children, with expats continually impressed by the emphasis on family and family values in the country. The emphasis on family starts from pregnancy. However, there are integration classes available for both adults and children to help the entire family become more familiar and comfortable with a culture that can, at times, seem more harsh than needs be. So before you spend a lot of time trying to fill them out, you may want to see whether you are eligible. Learning the language as a family prior to landing in Germany will help an expat family settle in much more quickly. You (and those you interact with while raising your family) will be glad you did! Also, if you have school-aged children, or children that will be entering kindergarten or day care, you will need to interact with teachers and childcare providers. In fact, a 2020 study by Asher & Lyric ranked Germany as the seventh-best country in the world to raise a family. Many international schools are set up in Germany, such as the DoDEA school for U.S. military children. In fact, parents hiring a babysitter and going out for “date night” as many do in the U.S. is nearly unheard of in Germany. Unearthing the Bookworms: First Novels in Original Languages, Language Trends: Even Words Come Back into Fashion, Copyright © 2007 - 2020 Listen & Learn. The benefit of an international school such as this is that children will more easily assimilate back into their own culture, if the family chooses to move back to their own country at some point. It is always said that children are resilient and adaptable, and while this may be true, expat children may have a hard time adjusting to school in Germany.

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