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too much flashback, love was drown by the revenge and crime that i was more keen to see the annoying ending to the crime i skip the love scene, as the chemistry between yoon and dylan sooo cold. Leads are now repulsive. Yoon ji ryeon ''boys over flowers'' writer and ku hye sun ''geum jan di'' hopes it will be good drama .... and so excited ... S Feb 12 2014 8:21 pm Have not completed the series, but I can say it is miles ahead from You Who Came from the Star, albeit I am a huge huge fan of the My Sassy Girl's cast and also usually not a fan of mellow family drama. Episode 3 was SO amazing. Thanks making me realize how love is endless thamks ANGEL EYES. Eli Jun 01 2014 9:21 am Ctoo Jun 15 2014 9:09 pm This ends when someone from his past recognizes him and her instincts are confirmed. GHS Fighting! ** Ji Woon (played by Kim Ji Seok). toodark Apr 07 2014 9:05 am Can't get enough of Park dong joo and Yoon soo wan. Soo Wan mirrors Dong Joo’s father’s path by being a fire fighter / paramedic. Christina Mar 12 2016 9:26 pm Tybolt Sep 23 2014 11:15 am beatriz Apr 17 2014 9:04 pm i really enjoyed this drama series but however, i got really bored with it by episode 15, so i just forward quickly through each of the last 5 episodes just so i can see what happens at the end. vmarlany Dec 22 2014 2:55 am Happy watching :), Shikooooo Jun 04 2014 1:11 am njhfan Jan 11 2015 11:59 pm Small sampling of sweet moments: * First kiss as adults. just finished ep 6 and all I can say is I want more!!!!!! hye sun looks lovely n the leads have nice chemistry. it has the best cast and a very inspiring story. I fell for this drama since the first time I watched it years ago... and I have watched it many many times too. I want Kim Ji Suk acted as a main character. They had couple of honest interactions that made me wonder. I am currently waiting to watch episode 7 on Hulu! Anyone know why didn't the upload ep 17 this past week? Hmmm actually i don't like some of the main cast. For as much as the teen actors were enthusiastic, I don’t think Lee as the adult Dong-Joo ever put his heart into it. Great show... really basking in the experience and adult Hye Joo is a great addition. * Consistent use of the planetarium, their steps, letters, whistle, mp3 recorder in the youth and adult story. But this drama really touch my heart. Well i am now in 6 episode and i am feeling bored should i complete this drama? Is this going to be a 50 plus episode drama? Eman May 19 2014 4:19 am Leader Oct 24 2016 5:12 pm i went to know what happens next. I like this drama its so good and i just keep imagine about the next scene, what will happen.. i'll be waiting for the next ep and keep impatient. @qwertisme, I'm agree with you. Glad you enjoyed this series too. Ko Hyee Sun is just amazing (and also the younger cast). It makes you ask, "where is it coming from?" Lee Seung Hyun Fighting !!! Aah seungri is the BEST! Before Joo Jang Mi can propose to her boyfriend, he has his best friend, Gong Gi Tae, help him break up with her. Goo hye sun is beautiful, pretty, cool. Pokemon Jan 28 2015 1:13 pm I love goo hye sun .. She always my idol everytime, everywhere , and every everyy ....... alan wong Jul 15 2014 1:45 am fighting!!! Im run-run-runing to you and I'll keep you safe forever (Lasse Lindh). Good acting and scene. what about park dong joo's sister? This is a very lovely, heart touching drama I have ever seen. I watch and blog dramas on Now this was on Netflix and so I searched for more KDramas and saw Angel Eyes. Jo Jung Hee (조정희) - Blue Bird [Angel Eyes OST]. me and my mom like this drama, we want to watch another one and we want you guys to act also. lmao, anastasia Nov 01 2017 8:50 pm Tiara Cruz Apr 22 2014 6:38 am hope the main actor and actress make another movie. I Love Ku Hye Sun & Lee Sang yoon.. i wish you two are real life sweethearts.. you are good together!! too much d-r-a-m-a. I agree that Goo Hye Sun's emotional (crying) scenes are among the best that there are. Surprisingly he was a good friend to Soo Wan and Dong Joo. I'm also falling In love with kang ha Neul even more after watching Monstar and the heirs and this drama it showed me what an amazing actor he is and how good looking he is when he smiles. I wish it's more than 20eps. When he finds an opportunity for revenge, he takes it, using Seo Eun-Gi. She was straightforward, big hearted, and fun to be around. It really touches my heart. Looks like we're in for a first rate drama. But not the run to you but that other one?! I think Teddy (Seung-ri) is absolutely cute and adorable and so hilarious!...They make me continue watching, PDJ and Teddy! ********************************************************************************************* I'm pretty sure someone would MAKE negative comments either of Ku Hye-sun (out of jealousy or collaboration with someone who already dislike The STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS KHS, NOT TO MENTION GIFTED-N-TALENTED, INTELLIGENT AND AMAZING. Dong Joo is just too good for her...she really didnt do anything to make her that loveable aside from that pretty face. This drama is Superb, I'd to put my rating 99% on this. Excited to see it! He decides to return to Korea to be reunited with his benefactor and find Soo Wan. The story was very gentle and yet it didn't send me to sleep but rather keep me awake and breathless. shiela Oct 23 2014 6:35 am Moon (played by Seo Dong Won, Park Jin Joo, and Kim Min Chan). I can't wait to see your new drama. This is very good movie on both story and performance. He becomes attracted to her; however, she has a crush on his best friend. But there are times (actually a lot!) Love this drama so much :) i am really scared about what will happen in episode 12!! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Dong Joo continued to receive emotional kicks when Father got sick. He had some really nice spotlight moments. ^_^, tata lino Apr 30 2014 11:32 am glowmymind Dec 21 2017 1:08 pm Can someone tell me is there any preview of ep 19? It is one of the amazing dramas I've ever seen. I finished watching the show, Doctor Strange, and I began to watch many more Korean T.v.

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