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She sits there contemplating them for a moment, then decides on the mittens. I really want both Jung Woo and Go Ara to get more meaty tv-drama roles and keep their fame growing. He doesn’t seem to like that very much, though he doesn’t say anything. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Graceful Friends (jTBC) next time please dont make hot guys as the second lead or else ill murder you!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t watch this one, but until it finish, I’ll make sure to watch. Dong-ryong asks Taek if he remembers their group movie date tomorrow, and doesn’t even seem surprised that Taek asked them to go and forgot. ffs they’re higher than shows on SBS and such, i love the whole drama, the story is lovely and somewhat warm and cozy Park Jung Min as Bo Ra’s boyfriend (ep 8) Even herself wondering what if Junghwan really likes her, wondering how her feeling to Junghwan. This drama is superb. just one person who can be interviewed. Seo In-guk, Eun Ji-won, Lee Si-eon and Shin So-yul hosted the 15 September 2012 episode of sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live Korea, which included skits that parody scenes in their series. Ahn Jae Hong as Kim Jung Bong, Kim Sun Young as Kim Sun Young (Sun Woo’s mother) Song Young Jae as Baduk Department Head Mr Lee Ahk~…… Jung Hwan totally ignoring(I am sure he wld realize that he cant ignore but the time he realize the ship wld hav sailed already) doks so i believe its taek her husband in 2015. 2016 tvN10 Awards: Content Award (Drama) She’s just not very expressive and keeps everything bottled up inside. Aha, so the movie date DID happen! i watch ep 3 n 4 without sub~ >,< She is become serious :’D. Jung-hwan comes to the hospital the next day with a banana and a pineapple from Taek, and Mom insists on asking the doctor if Jung-bong can eat that first, and then start his fast after. Respond To 1994 Good Job for writer. Deok-sun comes home and gasps to see Dad’s bruiser, but is more weirded out when Mom and Dad speak to each other pleasantly and formally in jondae. SLS is always been bad. 2016 tvN10 Awards: Rising Actress – Hyeri (Answer Me 1988) It touched me when he wonders what’s wrong with his father, accepts and do the same joke as his father’s. … and beside the love story, this show has a great family and life story. Reply 1994 (Korean Drama); 응답하라 1994; Eungdabhara 1994;Reply 1997 Season 2;Answer Me 1994;Respond 1994;Answer To 1994;Respond To 1994;Contéstame 1997 Temporada I admire these people but not to play with their feeling and ours. Taek is such a baby. Damn, so they really mean boy genius then. For example, waiting for her every morning to go to school together, took care of her in the bus, waiting for her then gave umbrella in the late rainy night, bought her pink gloves even though he wasn’t her secret santa, coming right away after Deoksun called him to accompany her&friends in the McD’s opening and on the way home, he took one of Deoksun earphone to listen the songs together, and sooo many more. Really DISAPPOINTED! Coz for me jung hwan not showned his feeling well. ), and Sun-woo says he’s already been tested—he’s fine, but both Jung-hwan and Jung-bong are rather weak. I loved how he showed that DS is most important person to him when he forfeited his game just to be with her side. That shuts them up instantly. it’s like a refresh her memory. FB.init({ Deok-sun thinks this is more embarrassing than them fighting, and No-eul agrees. Lee Min Ji as Jang Mi Ok One point, Taek. It startles everyone else to hear someone talk to the God of Baduk that way, but Taek just goes to fetch his bag like he was ordered. IDR 75000 and i hate noble idiot. Yech…. im sooooo in for the dukseon-junghwan couple, looooove u too taek and sorrry ^^’, This drama is Janggggggggg ❤️❤️❤️ I seriously wanna go back to 1988 where they value their Family, Friendship more then Love because they care and don’t wanna hurt one another such a heart warming drama that once ü get in ü won’t be able to get out from the Reply series and this one is my personal Fav ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Another excellent drama. In my opinion, Deoksun already ‘likes’ Junghwan, but doesn’t realize it. cuz i can sense Jung Hwan backing up for taek’s sake. Nobody was interested to see that!!! IG: ALZYHA1 want to watch her drama rich what? [6], Set in the 1990s, "Reply 1997" follows female high-school student Sung Shi-won (Jung Eun-ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her 5 high school friends. He proudly tells them that they’re a birthday gift from Taek, and everybody finds it adorable. var dropdown = document.getElementById("cat"); I want to ship them but they give off super friendzone vibes lol. She really does see him as a tiny child, which is doubly adorable because he looks twice her age. I’m anticipating Park Bo-gum’s new drama~ I hope Hyeri’s acting and role are okay. Lee Dong Hwi as Dong Ryong, Sung Dong Il as Sung Dong Il [68] Fans were also intrigued by the clues which the 2012 scenes dropped at regular intervals about who ends up together,[69][70] as well as the episodes' subtle twists. Reply 1988 Jjang!!! Or Maybe who kiss first, he will win. Oh Dong Min as Bo Ra’s friend They send her to go fetch Taek on her own, reminding her to hold his hand the whole way so they don’t lose him. I hope its good happy ending to pay waiting for long.. hehehe, the last ep was so frustrating argggg. My Wonderful Life (MBC) taek is not bad either, he looks stupid but he is “THE” Mr baduk-shi . This new side of Taek made him more interesting. I support both of them, I think JungHyun is Duksun‘s husband,let we see the husband’s character,it prove that he is JungHyun。but Teak is also my like kkk. But then she doesn’t realize that she’s picked up a decorative rock until it’s too late and she’s already hurled it at him. js.src = "//"; The friend starts crying as she tells Bora about a drunken “accidental” kiss they shared on a trip when Bora wasn’t around, acting like she was suffering because she felt so guilty all this time and couldn’t look Bora in the eye. i love scene in ep 18 when duksun alone in leesunghwan concert. As the first installment of the Reply series, it also portrays the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when first generation idol groups such as H.O.T. To participate to HanCinema, you must sign up or log in. The writer proved to be unpredictable in her writing so I’m anticipating her next drama! omg! eps 17 – Junghwan’s timing… Junghwan’s confession…. LOL ^^- It also starred Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, but as different characters. so, it’s taek.? They ask what the procedure is this time, remembering that last year he had a valve replaced because it’d been ten years since the original surgery. Reply comeback again.. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { !” Hahahaha. Dad says maybe he heard wrong and calls again, but this time it’s for sure—he failed, yet again. Never bored the entire show. Dad remains calm and says it’s fine because he has ink eraser, and begins to pour the pink liquid on top of the massive stain… which of course only serves to spread the ink around. ), and Mom and Dad tell him not to come to the hospital until tomorrow since there’s no place for him to sleep anyway. it’s what they call it othisim (I really knew it very well because my son has that sickness). Reply 1997 (Korean: 응답하라 1997; RR: Eungdaphara 1997) is a 2012 South Korean television series that centers on the lives of six friends in Busan, as the timeline moves back and forth between their past as 18-year-old high schoolers in 1997 and their present as 33-year-olds at their high school reunion dinner in 2012, where one couple will announce that they're getting married. *hugging Kim Jung-hwan*. DRAMA RECAPS eps 18 – Junghwan’s timing… Junghwan’s confession…, It’s so difficult to guess who is deoksun’s husband. I wiiish theres a 4th replay serie !!! Also known as "Answer Me 1997 Season 2" (응답하라 1997 시즌2, eung-dab-hala 1997 si-jeun-2) at first time watching the cast line, not sure with the young line, who’s them? Fatal Promise (KBS2) You’re a warm person. Language: Korean About | Privacy policy | Contact | Deals | Partners, New Episodes 'Available Across the Americas'. Yeah a man must be brave to express his feelings, his love. Comedy; 2016 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards : Director Awards (Shin Won Ho, Answer Me 1988) their kiss was daebak! Taek opens the door and almost runs away scared at the sight, but Deok-sun mime-reels him into the room, and he just smiles SO wide, it kills me.

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