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And they were "longtime" friends before they started seeing each other romantically. They started dating in 2013 and they broke up in the year 2014. There’s plenty of strain on marriages due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) scare, and it looks like Mary-Kate Olsen is the latest in the spotlight for her impending divorce. Mary-Kate Olsen briefly opened up about her marriage to Olivier Sarkozy while she and her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, spoke about their fashion line Elizabeth and James to Net-a-Porter’s The Edit. Rihanna Hysterically Trolls Fans Begging For A New Album — Claims She ‘Lost It’!! [37][38][39][40][41], This article is about the actress. The happy couple also reportedly lives together currently. Their relationship appeared with no future and both of them agreed on parting away. The insider told the magazine, “Maybe French people culturally have a different view of marriage, and while Mary-Kate loves his children, it was too much to have his ex-wife living with them…. He’s not somebody you want to go up against. She is living a happy life with Bennett Miller, who is director of “Moneyball”. Not only that, but Mary-Kate had allegedly been ordered out of her and Sarkozy’s New York place, being told via email that she had to be gone by May 18. Yes, in 2006 they started their own clothing company called The Row. According to a source who spoke to Page Six, the divorce between the two had actually turned out okay in the end and they were on “good, very friendly terms.”, The source also said, “It was not uncommon for Charlotte to be around and stay in a separate bedroom in the Hamptons on holidays or birthdays. Mary-Kate has been married to Olivier Sarkozy since 2015 but requested an emergency divorce in May 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. This has changed.” But Sarkozy apparently didn’t want any more children, having had two already. [2] Along with her twin, Mary-Kate, they have an older brother, Trent Olsen, a younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen (who is also an actress), and younger half siblings, Taylor and Jake, from their father's second marriage. You see, Sarkozy had “insisted to Mary-Kate” that his whole family be allowed to live in the couple’s mansion temporarily, and this naturally included Charlotte. The next year they opened Elizabeth and James, another fashion line. [36] Olsen is currently[when?] Mary-Kate thought he would budge on that and he hasn’t.” They also said, “Mary-Kate prefers to be quiet and alone and doing the things she likes. Because Ashley and Eisner are private folks, it’s difficult to say how serious they are about their relationship. In the 1990s, she and her twin sister founded a production company, Dualstar Entertainment Group, which produced a successful long string of TV movies and direct-to-video releases featuring the girls. And thus Mary-Kate and Sarkozy were a couple who commanded a vast amount of wealth. Right up until 2020 at least. It seems Ashley’s actually been in a longterm relationship for years, and she even sparked marriage rumors with a ring. These girls are nothing like you expect them to be. The black band was on her left finger as the duo walked to dinner in the Pacific Palisades. Mary Kate was ordered to clear her things from their NYC apartment by May 15, but the Olsen twin allegedly can't because of the city's quarantine guidelines. And prior to the wedding itself, the loved-up couple had been fans of public displays of affection. She Sparked Rumors by Wearing a Wedding Ring. The two have allegedly been together since 2017, according to RadarOnline. Olsen was in relationship with Matt Kaplan from 2001. It seems Ashley likes to keep her personal life close to the chest, too. However, she had been in many romantic associations before. Unfortunately, the two split about five months after getting together. Snackable content that delights, informs and entertains. A source told the outlet, "Louis packed up his art studio in Mexico City and his place in Los Angeles to go with her so they can see each other more."

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