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The 2010 Census population for the city was 583.7K (estimated at 603.5K for 2013), the urban area 1.314M, and the metro area 1.951M. The Internet has, in its relatively short existence compared to other technologies, opened up career opportunities, making it easier to find jobs anywhere in the USA, thanks to hundreds of job sites and listings on thousands of corporate sites. The city’s 2010 Census population was 2.196M, the urban area 4.944M, the nine-county Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land MSA/metro area 6.313M. Salt Lake City has been the location for dozens of movies (and some reality TV shows), including some box office hits. There are a couple of dozen minor nicknames as well. Population figures are approximate and are either based on the 2010 US Census or a specific year’s estimate. Once you decide your budget, you can start comparing countries and colleges according to the tuition fees and other expenses. Top industries/employers: science, engineering, finance/banking, manufacturing, printing, publishing, food processing, medical products, service companies. Despite its small size (2010 Census population of 23.4K), it is part of the Washington, DC, metropolitan area and benefits economically as a result. Livability index: overall=79; employment=C, education=B, housing=C+, cost of living=A+. In 2002, Time magazine declared Sacramento the country’s most diverse city – in terms of race of residents and bi-/multiracial marriages. Minneapolis is recognized as a global city by the GaWC in 2012. 3. Livability index: overall=84; employment=A, education=A, housing=A+, cost of living=F. Columbus’ 2010 Census population was 787.0K (est. A few are. Palo Alto=(overall=85; employment=A+, education=A+, housing=A+, cost of living=F), Stanford=(overall=82; employment=C+, education=A+, housing=A+, cost of living=F), Mountain View=(overall=82; employment=A, education=A, housing=A+, cost of living=F), Los Altos=(overall=86; employment=A+, education=A+, housing=A+, cost of living=F), Menlo Park=(overall=84; employment=A, education=A, housing=A+, cost of living=F), Cycling: Palo Alto: Gold, Mountain View: Silver, Los Altos: Bronze, Menlo Park: Silver. The area has a number of attractions including Marriage Island, the River Walk, various Spanish missions including the Alamo (now a museum). Cycling: Not rated but three Detroit businesses have Bronze (2) and Gold (1) ratings. Nicknames include Queen City, Emerald City, Rain City, Jet City (before Boeing the aircraft manufacturer moved to Chicago). Key Growth Factors Job growth for information technology managers is directly tied to the growth rates of the IT workers they supervise. Top industries/employers: tourism, technology, digital media, software, agriculture tech, aviation and aerospace, film and television, electronic gaming, healthcare. 1. Copyright © 2018 Info Edge India Ltd. All rights reserved. A few of the many are the public. In 2010, the urban area was 1.487M, the ten-county Indianapolis-Carmel MSA/metro area 1.756M and the eighteen-county Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson CSA 2.081M. Other info about Cincinnati: San Francisco, California, was founded in Jun 1776 as a Spanish fort and a mission for St. Francis of Assisi (known as “San Francisco” in Spanish), and much later incorporated in Apr 1850. Other info about Oklahoma City: Louisville, Kentucky, was founded in 1778, named for King Louis XVI of France. Arlington and Alexandria have their own entries elsewhere in this list.) Cycling: Silver. Tourism is an important part of DC’s economy (2nd, and there is a long list of attractions in DC proper and the area, including the White House, the National Mall, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, many museums, historic Georgetown and more. Al-Quds University Top industries/employers: tourism, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, biotech (several funded startups), technology. For example, the state of California has some large areas representing dozens of cities/ towns collectively.. Dallas has more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in the country, and an economy that has diversified from its historical oil and cotton industries. The city ‘s 2010 Census population was 140.0K, and the 2013 estimate as 148.9K. Please use the filter option to choose course, country, fees, etc: Nicknames include “Mile-High City” due to its elevation above sea level, amongst others. Companies from metro Detroit are moving downtown as part of a recent trend, including Compuware, OnStar, HP Enterprise Services, Quicken Loans and others. It is named after Andrew Jackson, later President of the United States, and is the county seat of Duval County, which has been consolidated since 1968. The city has had several ratings between 2007-2013 as a top city, variously for business, for careers, up-and-coming tech city and cities of the future. The city is the county seat of Los Angeles County and most populous in the state. Other info about Charlotte: New York City, New York, was settled in 1624 and incorporated in 1898. The city was ranked second-safest in the country for 2012 by the FBI, and it is designated a clean-air city based on various bylaws, Best places rank: #19 (Austin) – was #1 in 2012. Sports: No major league sports teams and one minor league baseball team. (The cost of living is below the U.S. hi srishti Looking forward to the MS in computer science.

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