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I have made the correction edit. Mary loves her dog, yet she doesn’t let it onto in her bed. Well, in the old days, type was set by hand, letter by letter with bits of metal. Without it, however, the primary meaning of the sentence would remain intact. This can lead to a choppy sentence. 1. He went to London for two weeks, and he stayed at an expensive hotel. All you need to do is take a few minutes to make sure you understand the basic rules and then lock them away in your memory. 2. Susan loves her cat, and she lets it sleep in her bed. The quick answer to this question is no. Restrictive clauses can't be removed from a sentence without altering the meaning. AP is a  journalistic style, so it is focused on brevity, but it also needs to ensure accuracy, so it leaves the decision up to editors. Your email address will not be published. ; Don’t use a comma before which when it’s used to pose an indirect question. *. Remembering simple rules of usage can take the drama out of comma placement, letting the meaning of your sentences come through loud and clear. Think of a comma after but at beginning of a sentence as marking an interruption to a sentence. You can see from the sentences above that there is no subject with a connecting verb in the second clause. Another comma, placed after “correctly,” sets the phrase completely apart from the rest of the sentence. Here are two examples of how AP might treat the need for a comma before and from the blog AP vs Chicago: I … Since sentences never begin with commas, it should go without saying that you don’t need one before which when it starts a sentence. The answer is B. You should set this information off using a comma before and a comma after it: John went for a jog, which took half an hour, before having a long hot shower. Therefore you are connecting two independent clauses. None of the following ways require a comma before which. You can’t remove the clause without altering the sentence’s essential meaning. Free self-publishing advice, how to guides and tips. If there is a subject with a verb in the second clause, use a comma. “You can’t go swimming, it’s raining.” The answer is A. In section 4.03 of APA 6, the serial comma is clearly required: “between elements (including before and and or) in a series of three or more items.” In fact, APA even requires the serial comma to be included in in-text references: (Smith, Smith, & Jones, 2016). Use a comma before the conjunction when the two sentence halves can stand alone. Comma before and in AP style. Here are two examples of how AP might treat the need for a comma before and from the blog AP vs Chicago: Notice how the second version needed the comma before the first and because the second and denoted a pair that was not simply two more items in the series. One of the biggest controversies in writing in English is the use of a comma before and. Copyright © 2020 Just Publishing Advice - All Rights Reserved. So you can leave all the other comma rules for another day. He teaches high school and offers editing services as time is available. “I’m just getting wet before I get wet in the pool.”, This article was very helpful, a good reminder. He has over 30 years of professional writing and editing experience. But, if you really want to know the truth, I can’t stand my boss. Grammar Girl points out that journalistic styles are always looking to save space, which is why they allow writers to drop the serial comma. When "which" appears in prepositional phrases, you don't need a comma before the "which.". In the example above, the sentence is correctly punctuated with a comma before which. Now I have some even better news for you. This is because each part of the sentence can stand alone as individual complete sentences. When the second part of a sentence is a dependent clause, there is no comma before but. Correct. I had orange juice, toast, and yam and kegs for breakfast. Excellent article, thank you for helping me brush off the cobwebs from high school years. APA requires a serial comma because it is a scientific style and is focused on accuracy. Complete, He left home early, but he forgot to take an umbrella. Ex: When which appears in prepositional phrases, it’s typically paired with a preposition. But the comma rules to help you decide are super easy to learn, use, and remember. You can always do a similar check if you are a Grammarly user. Disclaimer: This site generates income via advertising, paid links, affiliate links, sponsored articles and book promotion. It is because the second word or phrase is not a complete sentence. Don’t use a comma before the conjunction when the second clause can’t stand alone. degree from SFU (2005) and a certificate in Special Education from SFU (2011). Please select your preference. When it comes to grammatical conundrums, commas are often the culprit. In AP style, think about clarity. Just Publishing Advice For Writers and Authors, The Slow Method Of Proofreading The Right Way. And no, one does not involve putting a comma in when you naturally pause. Don’t use a comma before the conjunction when the second clause can’t stand alone. Correct, Susan doesn’t like sardines, but her sister loves all kinds of fish. It is especially so for the Oxford Comma. Submit your comment only once, please. There was no chance of changing our flight, so, unfortunately, we had to stay for two more days. Complete  My local cafe was closed. I have one big question that I think I already know the answer to, but I’m going to ask anyway. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. A Cambridge CELTA English teacher and author with a passion for writing and all forms of publishing. a. If each part of your sentence is independent, they can stand alone as whole sentences. Yes, there are a few complicated comma rules. ; Don’t place a comma before which when which is part of a prepositional phrase. Use a comma after the conjunction when it is followed by an interruption. "That" is used with restrictive clauses, while "which" is used with nonrestrictive clauses. First AI web content optimization platform just for writers, Almost got it! Correct, My sister is leaving for Canada tomorrow, but she will be back in three weeks. Maybe if … 1. There really are only eight! This comma is known as the serial comma, or Oxford comma. (Note: This is the cruelty-free version of AP’s classic “ham and eggs” example. Each item had to be manually inserted into a line of type. I am always reminded of this quote when I think about using commas. When used this way, there’s no need to place a comma before that. 2. Otherwise, don’t place a comma prior to which. “But, why not?” Johnny looked at his mom. You can use the same three-part rule for a sentence with commas for and, or, yet and so as well. But the comma quote is attributed to Oscar Wilde, not Mark Twain. When used this way, you don’t need a comma before the which. But if it doesn’t have a subject, it is not an independent clause. The nonrestrictive clause, “which Amy got from a rescue,” adds interesting information and context to the noun, dog. All you need to do to make sure you are correct is to check if your sentence is joining two independent clauses. Usually, this is because there is no subject with a verb in the second clause. It is because it is dependent on the first clause for its meaning. Incorrect, I wanted to go out for breakfast, but my local cafe was closed. Correct, Going to the gym is tough some mornings but good fun all the same. In this case, both clauses will have a subject and a verb. Incomplete, Studying grammar is hard sometimes but interesting all the same. Examples of the comma before and, so, yet and or. The clause "who live in the same village as us" is just additional information about Sarah's parents. With an in-house publication, you should have an in-house style that all writers follow.

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