event horizon ship

The energy reserves and recharge rate allow for constant fire, albeit with the default, slow fire rate of the Webs. No, it is just for fun. 2 vampiric rays, 3 laser cannons, a couple of energy siphons and a tractor beam. Praise the Sun - Gabranth. Pretty speedy, not quite, and high damage. Rapid-fire BHG Tarantula - DragonCatTamer. This is a stealth Oblivion with four plasma throwers, a stealth field and a lot of fuel cells. It has low maneuverability and speed, however. But the Event Horizon is a special ship, and the design is creative enough that it stands out in the vast pantheon of space ships that owe design debt to Alien.The Event Horizon … Leech MK2 Black Hole Skirmisher - Darwel. P.S. Zion Drone Carrier - CyrusIII: Clear some Bushrak territory, buy a Zion in a base and research the drone bay. While labelled as a boss hunter, it can kill a lot of regular ships too. Because this exists. Sadly, I lost the save and have no pictures of the loadout. Makes a great combo with the BHG. While it's hit its speed cap, it also weighs next to nothing, meaning large impulse when hit. Can take out most Capital Ships from far away. Packed with a cloaking device, repair rays that cannot be shot out like repair bots and a rangemaster boosted ray that makes distance a non-problem, this thing has anything you could ever need. I was in the perfect mood to watch this film and it delivered more than I could have hoped in a cinema experience. Everything else is kinda easy to destroy. Vulnerable to drones and missiles - can be mitigated by ECM. She posesses her natural 100% initial resistance to nearly all damage, allowing her to take a shot head-on without taking so much as a scratch, she puts Doomstars to shame with her 180° and 360° arc of fire. Megalodon Carrier #2 - Dragonbonded. Long range sniper. My most powerful annihilator and world destroyer as of 0.14.3. It is also capable of taking doomstar, double Veteran ones can be tricky as they have improved Warp drives, leviathan, Colossus and Zeus (other Capital Ships get tricky). Carpet Lagger - User:Crdguy. Just warp up to them without hitting. (I noticed the Seek and destroy ship by qwerty4429 is similar, so the barrage craft could be considered as a updated version of it). Crd's Wrath-Crdguy My personal choice for killing any boss whatsoever. Also thankfully as an Escort, with the long range missiles loaded this will not adopt the same tactics as an enemy veteran or double veteran NPC Zeus, staying at long range plinking away with missiles; it will charge straight in to use its much more dangerous laser. For example I keep around 50-60 power capacity - enough for hit'n'run tactics used by most light fighters. This ship is just fast enough to escape the pull of the Black Hole and dodge the AI-only Red Missile. Fly at the enemy and try to get a hit with the EMP torpedo, once his weapons are disabled smash him. This stealthed Rhino is capable of getting in range considerably fast, grabbing whatever foe is in the way and releasing it's entire firepower at a 2x rate until the problem is obliterated. Weakness? Although it uses Small Pulse Mk2 cannons which are limited in range, using 7 cannons gives it quite a punch. When you have this thing out as an Escort, whichever direction it goes you can rest assured that your Starbase will be well protected in that direction and can move your main ship to a completely different one to cover a wider area. Massive damage with death ray. Could anyone really survive an airlock ejection in outer space? In Event Horizon, the players show their creativity by equipping their ships with thousands of unique items called "Modules". post the image ill upload. Assign different firing keys to each Heavy missile launcher M2 and charging towards the enemy a little, fire one missile at a time to ensure the momentum of the ship is transferred to the missile making it much harder for the enemy to dodge. **may not be a viable build in latest game version 0.11**, The Hammer - User:OverCr. The Mighty Leviathan - dudephat - All those people who tell you that the Leviathan is only good as a drone carrier? Paladino - dudephat. Not recommended for use forever. And this is the sole reason for creating this page. They are used to counter most ships. 100 microns layer height. I tried to find a way to make use of this Capital Ship, and finally resigned. Maneuverability and damage allow him to have powers to destroy any Capital Ship in there (including 2x veteran Tartarus and 2x veteran Megalodon), have a pool party of 10 enemy ships and himself, or just take out any guy quickly. Laser forks are straightforward, quick and deadly, you can also add some turrets with small laser beams for greater effectiveness (while ship being slower) - Wasps don't have enough slots to make greater use of their L slots, keep in mind. This missile skirmisher doesn't use an afterburner, cause he's pretty quick himself. Stealth Field with high velocity, turn rate and Warp Drive is a dangerous combination. Strategy: Maneuver around behind your enemy and burn them down. It's not a fast mover, but you don't need speed as you can use the black hole generator to bounce yourself off incoming asteroids which gives you dodge power. A commercial transport ship and its crew are marooned on a planet full of bloodthirsty creatures that only come out to feast at night. It can take out almost anything provided the player outmaneuvers the enemy. This bad boy has enough fire rate to have three black holes open at the same time, and only the longest ranged ships can escape it, its energy recharge means it can fire its BHG until ANYTHING is dead. The subcapital type found in the normal battle rounds shouldn't be too much of a problem if you have good Escorts with AoE weapons, but the Hostile Lifeform (especially the faster ones) are a bit more tricky. Orginally vessel was fitted with Warp Drive, but it was power-hungry and proved to be not as effective like on fast frigates. This Thunder build is well balanced. The Heavy Laser can reap all the benefits from the gold triple damage boost with no penalty, giving it VERY solid damage output. She tanks damage like nothing else in the game. Once you're able to equip a few gold and purple key modules (guns, reactors, engines) and reduce the base weight by 20% this Capital Ship becomes highly effective. In the build I used mainly green and some pink and gold modules, it is not particularly optimised and has room for improvement. Looking for something to watch? All power generators have gold Energy Regeneration, all of the fuel cells (including the armored ones) have gold Energy Capacity, all of the plates have gold Defensive increases giving it over 50% resistance to all damage types, the Afterburner has reduced Energy Cost, all of the engines have gold Engine Power. This is "dogfighter" - that means guns with consistent damage, either via thick barrage or high velocity. "Piła" Saw - Pszmo,Excalibur with 8 pulse cannons with aiming and nice fire rate. I have even seen it out-drone a same level Thor xx on a couple of occasions :). This guy is just a moving fortress, with infantry running around. Starfall-6nop6nop . Almost all modules are purple or gold, including the Death Ray itself, which has +200% damage in pair with 50% longer charge time, compensated by a bunch of reloaders, bringing the charge time down to 6 seconds while maintaining a damage output nearing that of the AI version Death Ray. | The Hunting Raven has role of intercepting smaller vessels and making all shots count. In-game this setup makes Leviathan behave like Scout with "hit'n'run" tactics, instead turns into "hit'n'run-for-next-one". Fast ships with heavy accurate firepower are the name of the game. It creates an aimed torrent of pulses that take down, in one try ,most of the ships I encounter. It carries six Firework Cannons (I use built in TU also, but you can equip targeting units and use 4 Firework Cannons instead) and enough modifiers to make it viable. 9 ships at once? The strategy is very simple: fly stealthed towards the enemy, fire your acid cannons and use the cloaking system to get some distance. Has average armor and its speed is decent, not enough to catch a Leech Mk2 however. Anderson has no involvement with Event Horizon TV series, Interview: Director Paul Hyett on his “5 Great Sci-Fi Films”, Popular Sci-Fi Movies to Stream Now With Prime, Top 50 Highest-Grossing 1990s Horror Films. It's also surprisingly effective against the Capital Wormship Hostile Lifeform. EHF-Worm:Laser Biter - User:Kiljaedenas: A bit difficult to get, a bit difficult to fly, but arguably one of the two deadliest sub-capital ships you can field in EHF. The Fork - qwerty4429. The now very vulnerable head can then be quickly taken out however you choose. It's strengths are its average HP (about 80) for its size, it's speed, the fact that it has built in targeting units, it's auto regeneration, it's small hangar size, and it's ability to paralyze and take down a wide variety of enemies: from small ships, to many medium and large ships, and even some Capital Ships. Viper Skirmish - ArcKloud. Movement isn't a problem for the heavy ship either thanks to its large fuel capacity and afterburner. While being able to take out all ships in a system, his pulse cannon fires precisely while he's heading towards the enemy and the missiles always get to the target if you're close enough; everything damages pretty nicely, ship itself is incredibly fast. It has lower Hp so it needs to dodge enemy fire, which is actually pretty easy thanks to its agility. It measures 100cm long and 35cm wide.

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