fortis hot water tank rebate

You must be a FortisBC residential natural gas customer. Replace your old natural gas boiler or space heating system with an eligible ENERGY STAR® boiler or combination heating and hot water system and qualify for a rebate of up to $2,700, for a limited time. Receive a $500 rebate for purchasing a qualified solar water heater. Receive an instant $500 discount at participating retailers when you purchase a qualified heat pump water heater with an EF of 2.0 or higher with a maximum tank size of 55 gallons. * Be sure to check the manufacturer’s label or ask a store associate to verify that the energy factor (EF) meets program requirements and qualifies for a rebate. *, Learn More | Find a Participating Solar Contractor. Water Heater Benefits. Check out our, By using, visiting, or browsing CleanBC and the Energy Coach service, you accept and agree to these. Smith GPHE 50 * A.O. FortisBC is offering up to $2,500 to income-qualified customers who install an eligible natural gas ENERGY STAR® water heater. Visit, You must have purchased (and paid in full) and installed your water heater. Rebates range from $500 to $2,500 for eligible natural gas ENERGY STAR water heaters. To be eligible, you need to be a FortisBC customer, replace an existing water heater, and apply for your rebate within 60 days of buying your new water heater. FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities do not provide a warranty or endorse any manufacturer or product. Applicant and property information Home must be an existing residential dwelling serviced by a natural gas or propane account through FortisBC. Get $200 back for a high-efficiency storage tank, $400 for a high-efficiency tankless heater, $500 for an ultimate high-efficiency tankless heater, and $1,000 for an ultimate high-efficiency storage tank. FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities have contracted with Honeywell to administer this program.This site and its content are maintained by Honeywell. Smith GDHE-50 A.O. It heats the water only as it’s needed. This rebate is funded by FortisBC, the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada. Natural gas water heater rebates for non-profit organizations Charities and non-profit housing providers can get a rebate on a high-efficiency commercial water heater. Basic Requirements: You must be a FortisBC natural gas residential customer. A. Using a screen reader or other assistive technologies? Qualifying Residential Water Heater Models Condensing Storage Tank FortisBC Last Updated:7/28/20 1:02 AM Manufacturer Model A.O. Natural gas boiler and combination heating and hot water system rebates – Up to $1500 Rebate A combination boiler is a space-saving way to heat both water and living space in one convenient system. The costs of energy efficiency programs are recovered through customer rates in accordance with Pennsylvania Act 129 of 2008. Tankless and storage tank water heater systems are eligible for this rebate. Fortis BC Rebate – Furnace and Boiler Income Qualified Program Combination Heating and Hot Water System Rebate Fortis BC Rebate – Appliance Maintenance Rebates Is there a rebate for a new furnace in Alberta? ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heaters can save a household of 4 $330 per year on its electric bills compared to a standard water heater and up to $3,470 over the lifetime of the unit. Up to $2,700 Solar water heater systems are extremely efficient and can reduce your annual water heating costs by 50 percent. 1 … Water Heater Rebate Amount* Storage tank Eligible models $500 Condensing tankless Eligible models $2,500 Condensing storage tank Eligible models $2,500 Eligibility Available Rebates Rebates range from $500 to $2,500 for eligible natural gas ENERGY STAR water heaters. Qualifying storage tank water heaters ($200 rebate) B. Natural gas. Switch out your existing water heater to a natural gas Energy Star Water Heater to save on energy costs and you could be eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000. ENERGY STAR certified water heaters can use 50% less energy than equipment that meets the minimum federal standard.

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