germany compared to canada

I run a tech recruitment firm in Zurich (, DM or email at if you want to know more. Howlett and Ramesh argue that the inherent instability of such industries also contributes to greater government intervention in the economy, to reduce the social impact of market changes.[49]. It quite aggravated me. Canada's importance to the United States is not just a border-state phenomenon: Canada is the leading export market for 35 of 50 U.S. states, and is the United States' largest foreign supplier of energy. My next apartment was a four story building, but all the tenants were American. If you're going to compare salaries, look at the number/density of tech companies in the area and the value generation. I'm not the most savvy/concerned about investing and/or avoiding tax, but I put a good amount of money aside for savings. This indicator assesses an economy's "underlying productive capacity ('potential output'), itself an important measure of the growth possibilities of economies and of inflationary pressures". Germany: More than one million migrants arrived in Germany as part of Mrs Merkel's open-door policy in 2015. I went house hunting with my sister. [116], According to Statistics Canada, total household credit as of July 2019 was CAD$2.2 trillion. It's also a faster flight back to India if you're visiting family. Alberta and Saskatchewan also use a substantial amount of natural gas. The general pattern of development for wealthy nations was a transition from a raw material production based economy to a manufacturing based one, and then to a service based economy. This is changing. But you lived in a very american bubble then. Colleague from Philippines told lots of stories about ugly situations in Dresden. For financial independence, what matters most to me are two things: absolute amount of money I can save/invest TODAY; and my physical health so that once I retire early I'm still in good health to do the things I want to. Unfortunately, the U.S. poverty rate is higher than all of the countries, and considerably higher than half of them. 75k CAD drop in salary. The global utility of that language is on the lower end. [citation needed] Trade has since increased by 40%. If you are in a Big N you can ask to be transferred to the American office if you want to after 18 months. First get the PR then look for a job. 1. It seems it'll be easier to save money in Berlin to work towards financial independence. If you are quite confident that you’ll stay >7 years or even consider other cities in Germany start learning German ASAP :). ", this figure is the Low Income Cut-Off, a calculation that results in higher figures than found in many comparable economies; Canada does not have an official poverty line, figures are for gross general government debt, as opposed to net federal debt; gross general government debt includes both intragovernmental debt and the debt of public entities at the sub-national level. In 2018, the stock of U.S. direct investment in Canada totaled $406 billion, while the stock of Canadian investment in the U.S totaled $595 billion, or 46% of the overall CDIA stock for 2018. But be aware, Germany’s economy is slowing down, hiring process might take longer than couple years ago. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change. The only thing you won't be getting is "just-for-looks" type of treatments e.g. [72] Canada has not suffered as greatly as most other rich, industrialized nations from the pains of the relative decline in the importance of manufacturing since the 1960s. The education and health sectors are two of Canada's largest, but both are largely under the influence of the government. (You can now do that much easier on a smartphone.). Surprise! Cars? The vast majority of these products are exported, mainly to the United States. Other parts of Germany might be less pleasant. This is not true anymore, the city is rapidly getting more expensive (housing) and the leverage has all but vanished. Taxes in Zürich are fairly low, anything you'd save living in Zug or Schwyz would probably go into your much higher rent. Curios to know what's considered a good offer in India for someone making ~200k in CAD? Both Berlin and Toronto seem to have some tech scene going on. I agree with you on factoring cultural integration - obviously as well as what’s the mission of the company, what problem are they solving, is that something that motivates you, etc etc. Large discoveries continue to be made, such as the massive nickel find at Voisey's Bay. 2) Make more in EU but costs other than housing are more I feel the tech scene in India is really booming and lots of interesting startups are coming up in Bangalore, Pune. [107], Canada and the United States signed an aviation agreement during Bill Clinton's visit to Canada in February 1995, and air traffic between the two countries has increased dramatically as a result.

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