hainan pow camp

The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not We recognise their continuing connection to land, sea and. For the first few months we ate European food but after that we went on rice. to the southern port of Sama (now SANYA) where the Americans Camp Labor: Our main trouble [Diaries, Personal (including Enemy) - General:] Diary written by VX 23913 L/Sgt D.G.P. [8th Division in Captivity - "B" Force (Borneo):] Information regarding Allied Prisoners of War Sandakan - Jesselton and Ranau. The approximately 100 non-European civilians in the ‘Boskamp’ were allowed to return home. Conditions on Hainan Island were primitive and barbaric, and at the end of the war, only 182 were alive. During World War II, thousands of prisoners of war were detained on in a camp in Nagasaki. Report on Shanghai position. "They couldn't believe that they were hearing an Australian voice when they were doing whatever they do with their radio. Singapore - Lord and Lady Louis Mountbatten make a tour of PoW and Internee Camps. The remaining POWS stayed on Ambon until the Japanese surrendered. After Germany and its allies were defeated in Tsingtao, their soldiers were captured and sent to Japan. Italian Pows. I was then moved to Siam where I was put to work on the death railway, so called because so many people died making it, at a place called Hellfire Pass. According to Heather Jones, captivity and prisoner camps are among the most under-researched themes in WWI studies.Only in the last decade have historians begun to study captivity in more detail. Manila, and Manus Island to Sydney." In August and September 1944 an additional three groups left for Java. Ambon Island - When the war was over the Americans came and dropped food and clothing, our captors ran off. picked up by the English hospital ship "Gerusalem" We were bombed by the Americans because we were in a factory. As well as stealing rice from the Japanese ships in the harbour, Mr Gilbert says coconuts proved a great food source. My time in a Japanese POW camp ... Then we were taken to Hainan Island on a Japanese whaling ship carrying civilians, ... During my time in the camps I lost weight and went down from 10 stone to 5. From April through September 1942 internees from the islands of Saparua, Ternate, Haruku, Ceram and Banda, and from the Kei and Aroe Islands arrived here. [Diaries, Personal (including Enemy) - General:] Diary written by VX 23913 L/Sgt D.G.P. Please Register or Log in to add a comment. When the atomic bomb was dropped on the city on August 9th, … The first of the commemorations for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Ambon prisoners was held in Darwin on Sunday. During the Japanese advance Ambon, that in addition to a contingent of KNIL troops was also being defended by Australian soldiers and the Dutch Navy, was important within the Moluccas from a military perspective because of the presence of Laha airfield. Far East PoW's Liberated Hainan Island - September 1945. He has never forgotten the sight of four Australian warships in Ambon Harbour, or how the crew of those ships looked after him and his mates, some of whom were so far gone they died en route to Australia. "They [those contacted] started asking questions ... and one of the questions was asked 'what's the name of the hotel at the corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street in Melbourne?

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