how to do a scouse accent

John Lennon had the best example out of the Beatles of this accent, with George Harrison coming second. Scouse is an accent and dialect of English originating in the northwest county of Merseyside. The Ozzy. How to Talk Like a Scouse Teenager. In today’s lesson, we’ll learn the key features of Scouse: its consonants, vowels and intonation, and how they differ from other English accents. Scouse is one of the most distinctive regional accents in England, with unique sound variations and a melody all of its own. It almost sounds Scottish, but it's 100% working class England. Definition: The Hospital. This accent is a wonderful one and recognized around the world as the dialect spoken by the Fab 4. It was primarily confined to Liverpool until the 1950s, when slum clearance resulted in migration from Liverpool into newly-developed surrounding areas of Merseyside. This article will teach you how to talk like a scouse teenager. Want to impress your friends by learning how to speak genuine scouse like a true Liverpudlian? The Scouse accent is one of the most distinctive and well known in the UK. We show you how! The accent is named after scouse, a stew eaten by sailors and people who worked down at the docks. In the audio, the colours indicate the following: Use: If I eat any more scran I’ll end up in the ozzy. The Scouse accent is highly distinctive and has little in common with those of the neighbouring regions.

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