ireland vs england 1995

[7][11], The next meeting between the two sides would not take place until Wednesday 29 May 2013, a friendly at Wembley Stadium,[12] and the next meeting in the Republic of Ireland was on Sunday 7 June 2015 at Dublin's Aviva Stadium. 1994, 26th February, England V Northern Ireland; 1994/1995 Squad for the Milo Series, New Zealand April 1995; 1995 England V Cook Islands; 1995 England v Cook Islands, 1st Test, Wembley; 1995 England v Republic of Ireland; 1995 England v Republic of Ireland, Bunyon Centre, Bedford, 11 Feb; 1995 England v Scotland, February. As we were leaving, there was pandemonium and extreme panic in the tunnel at the back of the terrace. [2], In pubs near Lansdowne Road stadium some English fans chanted "No surrender to the IRA", "Fuck the Pope" and "Clegg is innocent". Six minutes later it had to be abandoned as the violence threatened to get out of control. ", As I arrived in the stadium, the atmosphere in the place wasn't great. ", JC: "My feelings turned from concern to anger. [7][11] Gardaí failed to act on a warning that 20 supporters of the England team who wore insignia of Combat 18 were travelling to the match. I'm English and will be watching this game with my Irish friend. As you walked from Jury’s Hotel, it didn’t take long to observe the kind of England ‘supporter’ that was being herded towards the stadium, as they sang ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘No Surrender to the IRA’ in a singular note that they adopted en masse. Twenty-five years on, the story of one of the darkest nights in the history of Irish football needs to be told as it serves as a reminder that those desperate scenes can never be allowed to unfold again . ", GP: "After going one-nil down, I saw seats being thrown onto the pitch, which is something that lives long in your memory. It was definitely the first time it had happened to me. seemed fairly ok from the clips on tv 16/02/2005, 3:34 PM #71 The warning signs were there – but they were shamefully ignored. ", "We went out and warmed up. The inevitability of what followed in Dublin 4 cast all involved in a bad light. We had such good strikers, so playing time was at a premium for me. ", "It would have been foolish to assume there wouldn't be trouble, with the history of the games between the teams and everything that went with it, in terms of the political situation and the profile of the fans that were travelling. McGrath's struggle with alcoholism in his playing career and retirement are well documented, but he has also taken on a singing career, a media role and written an autobiography since he hung up his boots in 1998. We just kept running until we were well clear of the ground. That wasn't nice and it wasn't normal for something like that to happen before a game. There were people standing up and throwing bottles, seats, anything they could get hold of, and the people in the tier below were pouring forward to avoid being hit. The ‘friendly’ international between the Republic of Ireland and England always had the potential to attract the thuggish element who found their way into the Upper West tier at a Lansdowne Road stadium, with the subsequent abandonment of the sporting contest a failure of society, security and sporting authorities on a grand scale. The match kicks off at 18:15 and the atmosphere in the stands is tense, after some of the home and travelling fans drown out the national anthems with boos and whistles. ", DOC: We got into the ground about 15 minutes before kick-off. This is a great game to be involved in. I've been to well over 100 Ireland games and that one sticks out in my mind. Pathetic. The Gardai [Irish police] would have been absolutely briefed and I think the general expectation would have been that it was a serious possibility. [11] He found that the rioting was entirely caused by the English fans without any provocation. So I suppose there had been a bit of an unpleasant atmosphere around. "[6] Jack Charlton said, "I have seen a lot in football but nothing like this. "My son Peter had travelled over on the boat from Liverpool for the game, and I remember him telling me he'd had trouble with England fans who had found out who he was.

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