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Un soir, Frank Tilghman, le patron du Double Deuce, une discothèque malfamée de Jasper City dans le Missouri, lui propose un poste, que Dalton accepte. In the course of cleaning up the violent nightclub, Dalton dismisses several unruly and corrupt employees, some of whom are connected with Wesley. A roadhouse sells fuel and provides maintenance and repairs for cars, but it also has an attached "restaurant" (more like a café or diner) to sell and serve hot food to travellers. The word's meaning varies slightly by country. Dalton, not wanting to exacerbate matters, allows Wesley and his men entrance to the club that night. WHAT'S NEW A Weekend Designed for Crystal Gazing THIS WEEK'S MOVIES", "MGM's Library of Old Movies Puts It in Spotlight", "MOVIE REVIEW Taste Takes a Detour in `Road House, "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Netflix", "Kelly Lynch on Magic City, John Hughes, and playing a drag king", "Road House [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] – Michael Kamen – Songs, Reviews, Credits – AllMusic",, "Road House Original Score - Expanded Limited Edition of 2,000 Copies", "NYPD using 'Road House' movie to teach cops how to 'be nice, "Ronda Rousey To Star in Road House Reboot", "Nick Cassavetes to Write, Direct Ronda Rousey's Road House", "9 Canceled Remakes That Would've Been Terrible (And 6 That Would've Been Amazing)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky", This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 10:09. Adepte de méthodes qui lui sont propres, c'est aussi un expert en arts martiaux et un diplômé en philosophie. After Wesley hangs up leaving the outcome unknown, a badly beaten Wade staggers into the Double Deuce. In remote areas such as the Nullarbor Plain, a roadhouse also offers motel-style accommodation and camping facilities. Le 12 octobre, Nick Cassavetes est annoncé pour écrire le scénario et réaliser le film, mais en novembre, la production est finalement annulée. Il fait suite à Road House sorti en 1989. Road House received negative reviews upon release. Remains of a Klondike Gold Rush roadhouse can be seen today south of Carmacks, Yukon along the Klondike Highway. It has a bar serving beer or hard liquor and features music, dancing, and sometimes gambling. Le film met en vedette l'acteur Patrick Swayze dans le rôle du chef des videurs d'un bar situé dans une petite ville du Missouri, qu'il protège des manigances d'un homme d'affaires corrompu. The premises generally consist of just a single dwelling, permanently occupied by a nuclear family, usually between two and five family members. . From the 1890s in Alaska and the Yukon, beginning with the gold rush,[2] roadhouses were checkpoints where dog drivers (mushers, or dog sledders), horse-driven sleighs, and people on snowshoes, skis, or walking would stop overnight for shelter and a hot meal. Il signe également plusieurs titres de la bande originale du film. Le nom du personnage de Dalton (Patrick Swayze) a été inspiré au scénariste David Lee Henry par la ville de Dalton en Géorgie, dans laquelle il fréquentait un bar qui l'avait marqué[7]. Road House ou Bar routier au Québec est un film d'action et thriller américain de Rowdy Herrington, sorti en 1989. Patrick SwayzeKelly LynchBen GazzaraSam ElliottRed West, Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution. Direction artistique : William J. Durrell Jr. La route 66 (officiellement US Route 66) est une ancienne route américaine qui reliait Chicago (Illinois) à Santa Monica (Californie), entre les années 1926 et 1985 aux États-Unis. Set many years later and telling the story of Dalton's adult son, it featured no one from the original cast and only a few references to Dalton (who was reportedly shot dead before the film took place). He reveals knowledge of Dalton's past by mentioning an incident where Dalton killed a man in Memphis, Tennessee, then claimed self-defense at the trial. [31], On September 9, 2015, it was announced that Ronda Rousey would star in a remake of Road House. James Dalton is a professional "cooler", a specialized bouncer, with a mysterious past who is enticed from his job at a club in New York City by Frank Tilghman to take over security at his club/bar, the Double Deuce, in Jasper, Missouri. [3] One built in 1902 is the Black Rapids Roadhouse; another still operating is Rika's Landing Roadhouse. As a result, Wesley has one of his goons, Gary Ketchum, demolish the dealership and crush four station wagons in the showroom with his monster truck as Dalton and his friends look on with contempt. Filming started in April 1988 and took place in locations throughout California, primarily Newhall, Valencia, and Canyon Country. Their popularity ended with the outbreak of the Second World War when recreational road travel became impossible, and the advent of post-war drink driving legislation prevented their full recovery. At the same time Road House 2 was released, the original film was reissued in a deluxe edition featuring, among other features, separate audio commentary tracks by director Herrington, Kevin Smith, and Scott Mosier, which the duo had expressed an interest in during the introduction of the tenth anniversary Clerks DVD. The site's critical consensus reads, "Whether Road House is simply bad or so bad it's good depends largely on the audience's fondness for Swayze – and tolerance for violently cheesy action. [22] Kelly Lynch told The A.V. However, Wesley deploys Jimmy, a violent ex-con and skilled martial artist, to start a brawl with the Double Deuce bouncers. Les scènes au bar le « Double Deuce » ont été filmées en Californie, à Santa Clarita pour les extérieurs et Anaheim pour les intérieurs[7]. Le bar a été construit pour le film et démantelé une fois le tournage terminé. The filming of much of the "New Double Deuce" was done at the Cowboy/The Bandstand (which went by other names as well until it closed) located in Anaheim. Dalton rescues Emmett from the blaze before his house is destroyed. À l'époque, celui-ci est notamment connu pour jouer avec sa guitare à plat sur les genoux. In Western Canada they were known as stopping houses. Believing Doc to be in danger, Dalton races to the hospital alone, but she refuses to leave with him, repulsed by his increasingly violent nature. "[21], When interviewed by Anthony Bourdain, Bill Murray lauded the film as unappreciated, with a complex plot and respect among actors in the film industry since its release. [4], Post houses (casas de postas) were established in major towns and along principal highways. [35], Last edited on 27 September 2020, at 10:09, "MOVIES SEXY SWAYZE on the Set of His First Film Since `Dirty Dancing, "Losing Sight of the Reasons for Success Film makers sometimes have blind spots when they seek to capitalize on an earlier movie", "BIGFOOT #7 « Bigfoot 4×4, Inc. – Monster Truck Racing Team",, "VIDEO . [1] The monster truck used was Bigfoot #7, which was originally built for the film. [32] On October 12, 2015, Nick Cassavetes was announced to write and direct the film. [1] Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a rating of 39% based on 44 reviews and has an average rating of 5.12/10. They were large establishments offering meals, refreshment and accommodation to motorists and parties travelling by charabanc. With the advent of popular travel by motor car in the 1920s and 1930s, a new type of roadside pub emerged, often located on the newly constructed arterial roads and bypasses. This type of roadhouse has been portrayed in movies such as Road House (1948), The Wild One, Easy Rider, and Road House (1989). However, many coaching inns, especially those in rural counties, have kept their accommodation to become bed and breakfasts or country hotels. Although the film had lackluster box office returns,[11] it did quite well on home video. [27] An expanded limited 31-track score was reissued for the films 30th anniversary by La-La Land Records in 2019. The next day, car dealership owner Pete Stroudenmire becomes Wesley's next victim when he also refuses to pay. The car draws gunfire from Wesley's henchmen, but when it crashes, they discover the car empty, and the knife that was used to kill Wade stuck in the accelerator. In Australia, a roadhouse is often considered to be the smallest type of human settlement.[1]. Upon returning to the Double Deuce, Dalton finds Wade sprawled out on the bar with a knife lodged in his chest and a note reading, "It was tails." But viewed in the right frame of mind, it is not a boring one, either.

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