jesse ventura navy seal

I like his politics and I understand he was a SEAL.

In any case, as young girl as we exit the school--nicely located right by the very polluted river (most Americans called it shi t river due to its still dark colored and smell resulting from sewer and debris) I remembered watching groups of military personnel walking along the sidewalks of Magsaysay Drive wearing khaki shorts and blue shirts with the phrase "PETER FOUR" on the front. About 15 of us assembled before the XO, who was seated behind a fake mahogany desk flanked by the U.S. and Navy flags. Bucklew was a thrice-passed-over commander on the brink of forced retirement when, as a fresh-caught ensign, I reported aboard an obscure amphibious staff to work for him. I didn’t become an instructor until ’71. Maybe because he saw the humor in having been passed over in favor of midgets. George began with an apologetic tone in his otherwise crisp, military speech: “SEAL One took another hit in Nam. “Some don’t think he should be holding himself out as a SEAL, while others think it’s okay. © 2020 San Diego Reader. At least not that I heard of, and I probably would have known if he’d been in anything serious. He wrote that Ventura blurred an important distinction by claiming to be a SEAL when he was actually a frogman with the UDT. (Stony had been a SEAL for many years before joining UDT.) Many Marines drowned as they attempted to reach shore more than half a mile away. I don’t want to force anyone. “Jim belonged to a motorcycle gang in I.B. Frogmen from underwater demolition teams — but not SEALs — enjoyed six-month deployments to the PI during the Vietnam War and were so prized among the Po Town bargirls that the girls would sometimes “do it for love.” And the girls delighted in screaming “skivvie check!,” which meant every man jack and mate in the bar would have to drop his pants to verify if he was or was not of UDT. The girls would often follow their skivvie checks with cries of “big watch, little dick, bumfuck UDT!”.

How long will the footprints on the moon last?

My excellent adventure as a SEAL began that very day before the sun had vanished beyond the Coronados.

Although UDTs deployed to Subic and primarily embarked aboard Navy ships as part of the arg, they would also send small units to operate out of Da Nang and a Navy base on the Ca Mau Peninsula called Sea Float and later Solid Anchor. But the SEALs are taking so many hits, they’re running out of people. I don’t think about that so much anymore. The difference in training reflected the difference in missions: SEALs in platoons of 12 to 14 men went looking for the VC and NVA in the swamps, paddies, and jungles of Vietnam; UDTs in platoons of 22 men conducted hydrographic recons in advance of actual or anticipated Marine amphibious landings. But this was a scrawny kid.”, I asked Dick if he’d ever heard of a “flapper.”, “A flapper valve? No one raised a hand; no one stepped forward. Still in search of an answer to the question of whether Jesse had ever been a SEAL or a frogman in the shit, I obtained a roster of UDT 12 that included his name. I’d worked out of Quang Ngai City up in I Corps. Gary was a reluctant interview for a communications director, but at least he returned my call. Artie had been dinged while single-handedly keeping the VC from swarming his disabled patrol boat. It’s not like I’ll have to transplant kidneys!”. The UDTs rotated their platoons through a headquarters in Subic Bay, where many of the frogmen relived high school glory days playing football on base and freeballing it through Po Town on liberty. So there they stood, mute, playing pocket pool. 34:1.

He had to first successfully complete a six-month probationary period in the Teams. Those of us who recovered and continued to operate for the next seven months got some payback, but nothing could ever make up for what happened to us on the Vam Sat. My own brief experience in UDT before becoming a SEAL shows how some frogs feared a transfer to SEALs — a transfer that was there for the asking. Here's something you might be interested in. Scouts and Raiders also attacked enemy coastal targets. Thanks, CDR Bill Salisbury, USN-Ret, for that little bit of information, now I have something to Facebook to my old friends. So was Jesse a SEAL or a UDT guy?

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