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And someday Netflix will be the Blockbuster. Reed [00:18:00] That's all documentary footage. When suspicions grow around the death of their patriarch, an affluent family begin to peel back the truth as dark secrets come to light. Five childhood pals reunite after 30 years at a lake house to mourn the loss of their old basketball coach, and act quite juvenile for their age. But, yes, I would say if you're just focused on Hulu versus Netflix, you're both too U.S.-centric and too premium content. And the real competition for entertainment is quite broad, including all of video gaming. Kinsey [00:18:46] That's interesting. The ways Reed runs Netflix might surprise you. Would Netflix ever go in the opposite direction? Reed [00:06:36] So, again, that's an example of why sometimes focusing on the micro problem creates a macro problem, which is lack of creativity, and why we think for a creative company like ours, it's better to focus on the big picture and ignore many of those little things. When the U.S. Embassy in Hong Kong is bombed, Inspector Lee and a vacationing Detective Carter team up against an international crime syndicate. Still want to view it? [sound of a ding]. Kinsey [00:04:40] How do you think that that culture breeds innovation? How do you figure all of those things out? Tell me more about how you're investing outside the U.S. Reed [00:25:35] We started in the U.S. a long time ago, and we started in various other countries later. And I hope everybody gets a chance to learn a little more about the Netflix culture. And again, the license titles are great too. Reed [00:09:27] No, we don't focus really on an ideal size. But how did it become a $200 billion company with more than 190 million subscribers worldwide, some three times the subscriber count of its next-biggest competitor? And so you see her basically interviewing me and hundreds of people throughout Netflix to get the real insight in what's happening. With John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Olympia Dukakis, George Segal. You know, we talk in an almost joking way about a Netflix cruise or something like that, but when you think about, say, live programing, is that too far outside of the focus for Netflix? [Kinsey chuckles] And the answer is because we've been so fortunate to learn from so many other companies. It's been very insightful. Reed [00:14:34] You know, re-watching is great too, because there's a comfort, you know, and whether that's "West Wing" or whether that's "Vampire Diaries," or anything, there's just sometimes you want to be really challenged and that's intense. So often the magic is behind the scenes. And a little controversy is good. . If you think about movies, basically the hour and a half, two hour-story was pioneered 100 years ago, and we still love them. Reed [00:29:18] Yeah, I think the shows are really the big brands that we have and, but no, no cruise ships in our future likely. That's not typically something you hear from a tech company or even an entertainment company, sometimes. Metacritics score: And so while we might have slightly more edge-case, minor fraud than other companies, what we do have is a lot more creativity also. But about two-thirds of our expenses are content expenses, and that's the dominant share—creating all the great new content. And I think there is a lot to be said for staying in your lane. [laughs] It's a different world. Reed [00:26:41] So that turns out to be very uniquely American and not the way the Dutch or the Japanese operate. And I think movie theaters will come back as sports stadiums come back. But when you ask about the core differentiation, I think it's mostly about culture and the way that we operate. So by pulling those two together is really what creates the magic. And so where there's a licensed title that will do that, we love to carry it. Reed [00:04:26] And overall, that leads to lots of great discussion. NetflixReleases is een Onofficiële site voor Netflix fans. Looking to watch Look Who's Talking? And all these things unite people to learn about, talk about. But those core storytelling formats actually are amazingly stable. You don't have to run into all of these unforeseen problems. But first, a short break to hear from our partner. People will talk about it. [10], "Look Who's Smiling . Sign up here! Reed [00:15:49] And I think we succeeded at that. And we've got a whole chapter in the book that really goes through, you know, what do you think about when you go from domestic to much more than that. Mollie takes Mikey to Albert's office to meet him, but when Albert claims he does not want the responsibility of being a father, Mollie realizes he has not changed and she and Mikey ruin several pieces of his furniture before storming out and putting Albert out of their lives for good. Look Who's Talking Too (1990) is beschikbaar op Netflix sinds . Kinsey [00:29:26] [laughs] I don't think there are a lot of cruise ships in anybody's future right now. And so that's again, you know, one of the stories in the book. Reed [00:12:13] And so it's been marvelous how our employees have rallied both in the very initial phase, doing things like setting up our animation, where we moved hundreds of employees to working from home and really creating animated films from home, which had never been done, to all the things that we've done in customer support and elsewhere. The film features George Segal as Albert, the father of Mikey. And remember, we did start in DVDs and do quite a bit of innovation to get to streaming. Kijk gelijk op Netflix of check eerst de trailer! There’s a lot to unpack with Reed. It's really to support freedom, and that's the fundamental advantage of Netflix. But most of it helps you be really first principle and think through the right things. Reed [00:29:29] Well, I hear the trading prices are quite low in cruise ships these days. Directed by Tom Ropelewski. The way the Dutch give feedback is really different than the way the Japanese do. So there's a dedicated chapter in "No Rules Rules" just for that. Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. And the success is because of our focus on flexibility over efficiency. That's just really not what we do. Ja! Reed [00:04:02] You know, we really try to inspire our employees rather than manage them. Kinsey [00:19:09] Right. I mean, a lot of our hiring now is not in the U.S. And we're continuing to invest in most or many countries that we operate in, Brazil and France and Italy, in Japan and Korea and India, on and on. Kinsey [00:02:03] Right. And that's through the magic of personalization and having an incredible set of original content producers. After all, what you watch on Netflix says a lot about you...how you run Netflix might say more. Kinsey [00:28:52] OK. Nine months later, Mollie gives birth to her and James' daughter Julie. Find out where Look Who's Talking is streaming, if Look Who's Talking is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. James and Mollie run to reach him and take him to safety, where Mikey unofficially asks James to be his father by saying his first word "Da-da". Kinsey [00:34:51] Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Business Casual. So there are a lot of things to change, like the technology. Reed [00:14:08] Sure, but the recommendation system's invisible to most people. Evidence found on the body of a homicide victim sparks hope in a prosecutor that his sister who disappeared 25 years earlier could still be alive. Receive a weekly e-mail with all the new movies and series that Netflix released that week. So once you start to understand that you can have different systems for doing that, different assumptions about what's the thoughtful way to do feedback, you can be much more skilled at it. Reed [00:32:46] Well, I'm scared to say "House of Cards" [Kinsey laughs] because that's kind of a dark. And that's all —. So, absolutely. Erin Meyer and I have worked hard on the book to try to make it really fun to read. Bruce Willis plays the voice of Mollie's son, Mikey. The movie Look Who's Talking Too was released in 1990 and lasts 80 minutes. When Samantha LeBon hatches a scheme to spend a romantic Christmas with her new employee -- the unsuspecting, blithesome James -- his wife, their kids and their two dogs, Rocks and Daphne, must rescue him before he makes a terrible mistake. And, you know, in continuing to do better in what you do, and what we show is just how much positive that can be if your market is big enough. Kinsey [00:25:10] Reed, you've brought up this idea of international versus domestic business quite a few times in this conversation. Reed [00:24:30] Yeah, video gaming is continuing to grow. Kinsey [00:08:30] And improving as you grow is an interesting concept, especially in the world in which we live today. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a score of 56% based on 36 reviews, with an average rating of 5.07/10. We are giving away three copies of Reed's book to three subscribers to the newsletter. So it's a very big market, but so are those other markets. Kinsey [00:09:46] Right. I’m not going to bury the lede here, and that’s mostly because I need to get back to my Ozark binge: This episode of Business Casual features Reed Hastings, cofounder, chairman, and co-CEO of Netflix. Look Who's Talking Too (1990) is available on Netflix since . Sorry, Look Who's Talking Too (1990) isn't available on Netflix Italy, but is available in a different country. James comes to the apartment and tells Mikey that he will not be around any more, and Mollie listens over the baby monitor as he pours his heart out to Mikey, who admits he will miss James, too. Can we ever expect that, I don't know, Netflix-branded experience on a cruise ship or something like that, or a theme park? Kinsey [00:33:01] OK, three very interesting and very different shows, but I like where your head is at. And again, they're just so incredible around the world with such a variety of content. And it takes a lot of cultural practices so that then goals, like having lots of content for everyone with incredible recommendations, becomes very practical. So you may be like, well, then, if it's such an advantage, why do you put it in a book? And so we've had, has the book describes, a lot of discipline in maintaining that focus, which has helped us grow against all these giants. "Can we talk? Reed [00:21:47] All of culture progress is about moving forward. But the underlying story is very similar. It's a great look into that. Because for every Netflix, there’s a Blockbuster. So how did you scale the culture at Netflix and how do you continue to scale it as you do grow? That's a great business, just like sports stadiums are a great business.

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