m9 ace replacement

We Fix Phones while you wait. The ACE operator worked hard for a few hours and then when his part of the mission was done he parked his ACE, closed the hatch and took a nap with the vest on but the engine off. I’ll add it in, thanks. Towing pintle and airbrake This armor is in place to protect the single operator. Thanks to the hitch, the M9 is sometimes used to tow the M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge or ‘MICLIC’. “To be an M9 ACE operator is earned, not given,” said 8th Engineer Support Battalion’s Marine Sergeant Anthony Queisser. It is a valuable support vehicle to armored, mechanized and infantry units. To put it simply, the Armoured Combat Earthmover M9, often just known as ACE, is a battlefield bulldozer. Initial training will be by NETT for Combat Engineer It is equipped with a unique suspension Actuator mounting rings - Provide a stronger mounting system for the Behind the apron is a large ‘bowl’, an empty space designed to hold ballast to increase the vehicle’s weight. The line is 350 feet (107 meters) long and contains 5 pounds (2.2 kg) per foot (30 cm) of C-4 explosives. equipment and critical supply/logistical bunkers. Unsprung mode almost flattens the suspension and limits the travel of the suspension arms, thus tipping the vehicle forwards so the blade or mouth of the ballast bowl can meet the ground. bolts will pass through the existing mounting points and screw into the steel Get a hydraulic parts kit for your M9 armored combat earthmover (ACE) with NSN 2590-01-216-8646.Need replacement parts? By raising the dozer blade and using its scraper blade, the ACE can fill itself with ballast to improve dozing efficiency. A typical combat engineer battalion will contain 22 ACES - seven per company plus an operational readiness float. In 2014, an upgrade program that had been running for almost eight years ended. A search for a battlefield engineering vehicle that was capable of earthmoving tasks had been sought since the mid-1950s. Height – 2.7m Excellent to hear from someone with experience in this vehicle, thank you for commenting. For some reason, they made the final drives an ordeal to disconnect with us having to disconnect hoses, remove braces, having to mess with inputs and so forth. TRAINING/PERSONNEL: TRADOC instructors and “The ACE’s hydraulic system is much more capable of operating without failure,” said Quiesser. must perform troubleshooting and repairs from underneath the ACE, working This light weight is partly due to its welded and bolted steel and aluminum construction. The field modification installs rings at the front actuator station Under this project, steel rings will be fastened inside the hull. Initially, this led to the development of a vehicle known as the All-Purpose Ballastable Crawler, or ‘ABC’, that was developed in 1958. It is a valuable support vehicle to armored, mechanized and infantry units. Bridge Companies (Ribbon): 1. A total of 1,750 pounds (790 kg) per line. Also, the hub will be piloted onto the final It aimed at fixing the multiple problems that made the M9 such a hated vehicle. As February, 2014 drew to a close and March began, Marine Corps Systems Command Combat Support Systems (MCSC CSS) and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) M9 Armored Combat Earthmover (ACE) engineers fielded the first four modernized M9 ACE production units to Marines with the 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Although, it is also known as the Kunduz, and as the ‘AZMİM’ or ‘Amfibik Zırhlı Muharebe İstihkam İş Makinesi’. Institutional training at U.S. Army capability and chemical-biological protection for the operator. both defensive and offensive operations. Even with its mobility and weight-gaining features, the M9 has become viewed as useless by many troops that served with them or has simply required the use of one. Engineer Companies, Separate Infantry Brigades (Ribbon): 4 to repair if damaged. When empty, the ballast bowl can also be used to carry small loads of cargo. Problems were encountered, however, due to the ACE's shortcomings. The current aluminum blade suffers damage when used in rocky Though it lacks the multifunctional tools such as a knuckle shovel arm used for digging and lifting, heavy winches, fascines and other engineer tools, it does have a large and rather unique front shovel. These jets give the dozer a top water speed of 5.3 mph (8.6 km/h), and allow it to swim against currents of 4.9 feet/sec (1.5 m/sec) in rivers or streams. It became apparent that the ACE had trouble dismantling enemy anti-tank obstacles such as berms or ditches. Another key feature of the M9 is its unique hydropneumatic suspension system. Fielded by the United States Army, its tasks include eliminating enemy obstacles, maintenance and repair of roads and supply routes, and construction of fighting positions. Or the M88 for that matter? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. organizations issued the M9. This project will increase winch rating from 25,000 lbs If our mechanics weren’t busy they’d help out in some units.”. Operator South Korea also operates the M9 as well, around 200, I believe, That’s good to know. This project is not a readiness enhancement, rather the operator (MOS 12F) and maintainer (MOS 62B). This can be used to rescue allied vehicles or pull itself out of a ditch (even one of its own making) if necessary. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The M9 features a number of innovative features, such as a hydropneumatic suspension, a ballastable front end, and the ability to be amphibious. will reduce frequency of track failures and make pin removal easier when

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