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Comparison of robot-assisted and conventional total knee arthroplasty: a controlled cadaver study using multiparameter quantitative three-dimensional CT assessment of alignment. The material is composed of synthetic fibers that incorporate finely processed, non-metallic, elemental semi-conductor nanoparticles chosen specifically for their relative efficiency at transmitting energy when body heat contacts the material. The aim of this study was to determine the accuracy of the MAKO Total Knee system in achieving the preoperative plan for bone resection and final limb coronal alignment. CT Validation of Intraoperative Implant Position and Knee Alignment as Determined by the MAKO Total Knee Arthroplasty System. * { DOD Gets Behind Cue Health's COVID-19 Test, Remote Medical Device Servicing Is the Future, GE Healthcare Combines Ultrasound and AI for Cardio Exam Solution, Medtronic's Pelvic Health Business Thrives Under the 'New Medtronic', Alucent Raises $35M to Bring PAD Solution to Market, Abbott’s Fast and Furious Pace with COVID-19-Related Tests Continues, Allowed HTML tags:

. In total, 99 out of 105 (94.29%) of bone resections were within 1mm of the plan. The difference between what was planned and what was achieved for bone resection and coronal limb alignment was calculated. The use of an anticoagulant medication is generally recommended for most patients for at least 3 weeks with the specific choice determined for each patient based on their risk factors. When resting and not walking during the first two weeks after surgery, the leg should be elevated to heart level or above for swelling reduction, and the cooling sleeve should be on the knee. Adjustments can be made to the soft tissues or through secondary robotic guided bone cuts to optimize any of the parameters to provide the most stable well aligned knee possible. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials? margin-left: 0.5in; In laboratory studies, Mako Total Knee enabled surgeons to execute their surgical plans more accurately.1,2, In a clinical study, Mako protected soft tissue and ligaments from damage.3, In a clinical study, Mako patients surveyed 6 months after surgery reported lower pain scores than those who received a conventional joint replacement.4, In a clinical study, Mako patients surveyed 6 months after surgery reported better patient satisfaction scores compared to those who received a conventional joint replacement.4. } This translates to a more precisely placed knee replacement optimized for each individual’s personal characteristics producing a more comfortably functioning knee. Look for the Compability View icon in your Address bar, or the Compatability View and Compatability View settings from the Tools Menu in your Internet Explorer toolbar (hit the ALT key if your menu bar is hidden). font-size: 11.0pt; These views include a standing Anterior to Posterior View, Standing Posterior to Anterior Flexion View, a Lateral View and a Sunrise View. font-family: Calibri; The highest quality suture is used to hold the tissues longer and stronger, while providing anti-bacterial protection. The company launched its total cemented knee application for Mako in March and has been working with FDA on 510(k) clearance of the cementless Mako application since then, Simpson said. When the surgeon prepares the bone for the implant, the surgeon guides the robotic-arm within the predefined area and the Mako System helps the surgeon stay wthin the planned boundaries that were defined when the personalized pre-operative plan was created. Web Development & Hosting By Rhino Web, LLC. Patients are discharged from the hospital facility once they are medically stable and have been cleared by the physical therapy staff for safety. Mako Partial Knee Patellofemoral Surgical reference guide - MAKPKA-PG-4 Mako Total Knee with Triathlon surgical protocol - TRIATH-SP-21 The clinical and economic value of Mako … These allow the computer to “see” the bones moving in the operating room, know the exact position of the robot with its cutting tool, and match the precise location of the bone of the patient to the 3D CT scan plan in the computer. The Mako™ Robotic Total Knee System uses the Stryker Triathlon Knee System implants along with advanced software to optimize each patient’s implant installation. } Marchand RC, Sodhi N, Khlopas A, Sultan AA, Harwin SF, Malkani AL, Mont MM. } All rights reserved. It is important to closely follow your doctor’s instructions regarding post-surgery activity, treatment and follow-up care. Probes can be used to verify the precise seating of the implants at their planned locations on the bone. Thilak J, Thadi M, Mane PP, Sharma A, Mohan V, Babu BC. Fax: 646-844-1396 * { Pain medications should be taken only as necessary and is made less necessary by using the cooling device and elevating the leg to reduce swelling. NIH You will see the cosmetically acceptable results of this technique in the photo above on a patient just 6 months after surgery.

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