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27 1 decade ago. He also agrees to help Dan and Julian save Nathan, who was kidnapped. s09e13 - One Tree Hill. Haley Scott (née James) was one of the main female protagonists of "One Tree Hill". Peyton besucht Karen und spricht mit ihr über die Eröffnung eines Clubs für alle Altersstufen. Im Tric waren viele Musiker und Bands, die für die Bewohner von Tree Hill spielten, wie zum Beispiel Fall Out Boy und Jacks Mannequin. Zu den ersten Acts gehörten Chris Keller, Haley James Scott und the Wreckers. But after the tour finished he was out of money and struggled to pay for his recording fees and was paid by Nathan Scott to help Haley record but he lost all this money gambling and had to sell his favourite guitar to pay off his debts. But he later fully recovered and went on his own tour across the country. Full name: Chris sold his guitar to pay for Haley's record and then departed to parts unknown. Last appearance: He did not attend Tree Hill. Tyler Hilton Gavin DeGraw. She leaves with Chris Keller to go on tour in season 2. YouTube spotify itunes amazon. Out of all the main male characters, Chris has appeared in the lowest amount of episodes. Keller, L in Keller, Peacock, Caleb, Chris Kismet Im Tric fand zu Ehren von Peytons Mutter Ellie, die an Brustkrebs verstorben ist, das Brustkrebs-Benefiz-Konzert statt. Anonymous. General information He helps singer/actress Alex Dupre with her record. Da Mouth Probleme hat, einen neuen Job zu finden, verdient er sich ein wenig Geld dazu, indem er die Räume für Chase aufräumt und säubert. He claimed that he was "on the lam.". Haley sings to Nathan in the first season. Chris Keller Karen ist noch immer Besitzerin des Trics, überlässt Peyton jedoch einige Büroräume für ihr Musik-Label Red Bedroom Records. Nathan visited Haley on tour to mend any broken hearts and feelings, only to discover she wasn't wearing her wedding band. Er wurde von Peyton Sawyer gestaltet, die Karen und Deb Lee half, das Geschäft ins Laufen zu bringen. Chris left on tour and once again meet up with both Haley and Brooke though there was nothing sexual between either of them. Chris returned in Season 3 to help Haley find her inspiration back as Nathan paid him for it fearing she was losing her talent. 0. guest • ago. Chris later returned to Tree Hill and finally went on tour with Haley but this time there were no romantic feelings between the two, although they had to pretend that they were in a relationship. Hair color: Ab dem 31. Das Tric ist der all-ages-Nachtclub von Karen Roe. On the bus, Chris flirts with Haley and then proceeds to call her "plump" to which she replies with "I'm pregnant you idiot". He is bluntly rude at first, telling her the song is "crap", but then fixes the song and helps her with the rest of the album. ("From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea"). Chris wasn't well liked by many of his peers such as Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott and Brooke Davis due to his arrogance and his way of interfering in their lives. Height: 4 years ago. Das Tric ist der all-ages-Nachtclub von Karen Roe. Series information Explane (107306) Appearances: Chris at the Honey Grove prom. He, under Dan's instructions, kills one of the kidnappers and creates a distraction, allowing Dan to get into the abandoned warehouse where Nathan was being held. Questions. Chris then left Honey Grove to continue his tour but not before claiming that "Chris Keller's work here is done." After he completed the two things Dan asked him to do, he runs away, yelling "Chris Keller's work here is done." Performed at TRIC; Nathan surprises Haley dinner & a bracelet; Quinn suggests to Clay that they get married at the Registrar; Quinn & Clay sign the custody papers. Es war aber auch der Ort von Haley James Scotts Debüt als Sängerin. Chase hates him at first, but they later become best friends, going to strip clubs and getting drunk together when bad things happen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Aber auch Mouth und Chase sind oft im Tric zu sehen, das sie dort als Barkeeper arbeiten. Alive He later left Tree Hill to go on tour, running into the group when he passed through Honey Grove, Texas. As a thank you for helping out in the rescue mission, Nathan gives Chris the same guitar he had sold to pay for Haley's record years ago and the two are on better terms. 0 0. Kelly S. Lv 4. Chris has a rule when it comes to sleeping with girls. Chris Keller was first introduced in Season 2 as a music record store owner. To Wish Impossible Things. Peyton war für die Musik verantwortlich und konnte viele bekannte Bands für einen Auftritt verpflichten. He first caused interference in Nathan and Haley's marriage and later, Brooke and Lucas's relationship when he slept with Brooke. It is assumed that he is between the age of 18-24. Keller, L in Keller, Peacock, Caleb, Chris Kismet. Blonde Im Tric waren viele Musiker und Bands, die für die Bewohner von Tree Hill spielten, wie zum Beispiel Fall Out Boy und Jacks Mannequin. He eventually became successful enough to go on tour but he later returned to Tree Hill and this time went on tour with the Wreckers and Haley James Scott which was highly successful and made Chris quite famous across the country. He feels guilty, but continues to hook up with her until Chris finds out. Portrayed by: To promote the tour, the two were mistaken for a couple, which pleased Chris, but angered both Haley and Nathan Scott. Von 2003 bis 2012 war Lenz als Haley James-Scott eine der Hauptfiguren in der Fernsehserie One Tree Hill, in der sie an der Seite von James Lafferty, der die Rolle des Nathan R. Scott verkörperte, zu sehen ist. He turns out to know some things about managing a label. Haley und Mia verbringen eine Menge Zeit im Büro des Labes Red Bedroom Records. So they started to record together and started to grow closer over their shared interest in music and although Haley's husband Nathan threaten Chris to stay away from Haley, Chris eventually kissed Haley and offered for her to come away on tour with him. Also known as: Chris often referred to himself in third person causing much annoyance to those surrounding him. Chris Keller is the name of a major character in the Arthur Miller play 'All My Sons'. Es war aber auch der Ort von Haley James Scotts Debüt als Sängerin. ("The Trick Is to Keep Breathing"). Where can I find these songs . Chris Keller started out as a minor antagonist in Season 2, an anti-hero in Season 3 and Season 4, then became a series regular in Season 9. He then began a partnership with Haley to give her an opportunity to realize her dream and become a singer. After Haley left the tour to save her marriage, Chris returned later to Tree Hill and attracted interest from Haley's fellow cheerleader Rachel Gatina but it was short-lived and Chris didn't seem to even notice it. Eye color: Nachdem Karen Tree Hill verlies, blieb sie Eigentümerin des Clubs, vermietete Peyton jedoch ein wenig Platz für Label Red Bedroom Records. Then he convinces her to leave to go on tour, causing her to leave her boyfriend Chase Adams. 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad), The Places You Have Come To Fear the Most/Cast, With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept, Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends, You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy Of The Devil's Brain), Chris and Haley leave on tour. He later came back, along with The Wreckers at Tric and asked Haley again, this time she agreed. Other information follow without registering. Chris and Haley leave on tour. Blue He performs one last show at Tric in the last episode, singing an altered rock version of Loaded Gun in hopes to impress a record executive named Frankie Parks. Das Tric blieb offen, obwohl es scheinbar mehr Erwachsene als minderjährige Personen anzieht. They become closer and closer and even kissed but Haley eventually turned him down when he asked her to go on a tour with him, as she wanted to save her marriage. Episode count: Character arc Season 2. ("It Gets the Worst at Night"). Chris is more upset with her than Chase, saying "Why the hell are you sleeping with my best friend?" They stole money from a poker table but ended up in water, making this a complete failure. Haley Bob James is the seventh child, and the fourth daughter of Jimmy and Lydia James. Gender: One Tree Hill Haley Singing. First appearance: He also appears in "It Gets the Worst at Night". He then disappears for a few episodes, and when he shows up again, Chase and Haley thought he had gone away on tour, but really he was afraid he would be arrested for killing one of the kidnappers while participating in Nathan's rescue. Chris then crashes Honey Grove's prom with the gang and spends sometime talking with Brooke, telling her he is lonely later on (something he also alluded to when talking to Nathan on the tour bus previously).

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