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The Knight attempted to choke Batman, who pinned him and proceeded to pummel him. Unfortunately, the Dark Knight scanned the tank, learning of the cooling systems that kept the Cloudburst from exploding. Other believed he was simply wearing a mask, due to the quality of the surgery. The Gas Mask was gone during Harley Quinn's Revenge. The end result was his face became more hideous than it already was, resembling his iconic mask with threads linking his jaw to what remained of his upper lips and two gas mask tubes attached to his jaw. Believing that Poison Ivy could further strengthen his Fear Toxin, Scarecrow tasked Harley Quinn and Penguin with freeing her from the Bludhaven Police Department. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Joker | Hugo Strange | Ra's al Ghul | Scarecrow, Secondary Antagonists After several, grueling battles and Joker induced hallucinations, Batman was able to save and incapacitate Stagg and corner Scarecrow again. Right as the monster was about to take a bite out of him, Crane was saved from that gruesome fate by Batman, who had managed to toss a Batarang at Croc's electric shock collar to activate it. Batman: Arkham series As the armed guard watching over Ivy within the chamber prepared to leave, Scarecrow released his toxin in the chamber, sacrificing the man in the process. Scarecrow's opinions on fear, and simultaneously highlighting the depths of his own insanity were not explored fully until his Interview Tapes from Arkham Asylum. Crane planned to cover the entire Eastern Coast of America in his Fear Toxin, turning it into "his domain"; in other words, Scarecrow wanted nothing more than to create complete and utter chaos. During the post-game missions, if you talk to Barbara Gordon, she jokingly suggests that they push Scarecrow "over the edge," a reference to the DCAU episode of the same name that also featured Scarecrow (which featured similar plot points to the events of Arkham Knight relating to Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Scarecrow, and Barbara Gordon/her [former] identity as Batgirl). Using it to float, he managed to sneak into Gotham and gained access to medical attention. One of Scarecrow's dead henchmen in Arkham City during Protocol 10. However, he was repeatedly bested by Batman and subjected to his Fear Gas again and again over the years. Spreading fear.Breaking people's minds.Testing his Fear Toxins on his victims (mainly Batman but failed). Scarecrow was one of the many inmates who was released from Arkham Asylum by the Joker during his plans to activate a dirty bomb within Gotham and the Suicide Squad's mission to infiltrate the institution. Unfortunately, he suffered years of bullying, which caused him to be in a constant state of terror. Batman turned around and exited the room, only to find himself entering exactly the same room. Surprised, Scarecrow notes the brutality of Batman's attacks, but Batman regains control over his body before he can kill Scarecrow. Batman managed to free himself a second time, discovering that he had gotten himself trapped inside the belfry. General Information Batman proceeded back to Stagg's Airship, where he knocked out the militia guarding the hole left by the theft of the Cloudburst. Humiliated, beaten, and mentally broken, Scarecrow was taken to the GCPD Lockup in the Batwing, where he remained locked up for the rest of his life along with his fellow criminals. In the case of Dr. Kellerman, he believed that Crane was simply evil, while Dr. Young, believed he was both sane and redeemed until Crane showed his true intentions weeks later. By unmaking Batman, rebuff the claims that he was anything more than a man, and inject him with a concentrated dose of fear toxin, he would die afraid, like any man. Although frightened by his attackers, Crane realized that his nickname would become the embodiment of fear. He also plays highly sadistic mind games throughout, He is probably the most destructive antagonist of the, Coincidentally, this version of the Scarecrow's role in, It is unknown if Scarecrow bore a grudge against. However, Red Hood's next shot freed Batman's arms. Everyone was there. In AA, when he was the essence of a fear-obsessed madman, who was always undertoned with a constant maniacal laugh, In AK, he became a powerful and calculated mastermind, speaking in a calm deep voice with a monotone and displaying an emotionless persona but still shows sadistic humor and momentary fury at times. Having lost to Batman a year earlier within Arkham City, the villains realized that working together was the only way to purge the one nuisance who prevented them from conquering Gotham for their own, twisted designs. By now you will have received the initial 15 shipments. Scarecrow later attacked Batman with his Fear Gas again in the Library at the Arkham Mansion, after Batman destroyed Dr. Young's Titan Formula. Scarecrow was first introduced as a highly deranged and completely sadistic villain who ruthlessly exposed Arkham Asylum orderlies and patients to his Fear Toxin, then later laughed at their terror and madness. Scarecrow's secret lair at Arkham Asylum. Obsession: Scarecrow became motivated by an obsessive need to create fear in others. As Batman made his way to the elevators, he began coughing on the Fear Toxin again and experienced a strange kind of vertigo: his vision was filled with static to the distorted sound of the Joker's laughter. This trapped Batman in a hallucination of the night that his parents were murdered as his nine-year-old self, walked down a seemingly never-ending hall that turned into Crime Alley. Scarecrow favored the idea as it played on fear. Anyway, whatever sentence he was given, Scarecrow's plans ultimately backfired, as by exposing the Dark Knight as the hero he was, he ended up cementing Batman's legend, which in turn inspired others due to Bruce Wayne's life sacrifice. Human. This way he could test the toxin on Ivy, while ensuring she couldn't use pheromones to brainwash the militia guarding her. He has weaponized fear itself with psychological tactics and psychoactive toxins that cause his victims to suffer hallucinations of their darkest fears. Batman prevailed yet again, and defeated as many skeletal warriors as needed to strike Scarecrow with the three Bat-Signals. Undeterred, Batman has spent months searching for Crane, refusing to believe that he is dead. Throughout the successive meetings that were held, which mostly took place within the Arkham Mansion on the abandoned Arkham Island, the villains, with the exception of Ivy, agreed to Scarecrow's plans and began to collaborate their own schemes into Crane's agenda. Unfortunately, things don't go as Crane wants; Batman uses the injections of Fear Toxin to seal the consciousness of the Joker away by showing him the only fear he had: being forgotten. Batman told him to get ready for the encore, laughing madly. Breaking people's minds.Testing his Fear Toxins on his victims (mainly Batman but failed). Managing to sneak in some of his Fear Gas, Crane broke Combs. It could have been symbolic, for the self-destructive streak that Crane exhibited, or the departure from his formerly less serious self. Every time Batman defeated a number of enemies, one of the three Bat- Signals would activate and damage Scarecrow. In actuality, Oracle was still alive, with Batman's account of her death a byproduct of the fear toxin in his veins as he looked at Barbara while she was held captive within the gas chamber. The rest of Gotham was left untouched by the release of the fear cloud, allowing those still unaffected to see the horror. However, Batman managed to put enough neutralizing agents in the mix to reduce the blast radius to just the area around the factory before the building collapsed. A legend laid bare. As a side-effect of using the Cloudburst, the Batmobile was left inoperable as it did not run on a Nimbus Cell. The final message, found at Station 200.00/500.00 gave off the numbers: 3 20 26 18 26 16 24 1 11 4 24 9 3 8 5 2 12 18 6 16 7 11 3 10 17 5 13 4 21 8 *chime*. Crane made use of his secret stash of Fear Toxin, intending to break Batman this time. When Batman did so, the truck began to drive away as fear toxin was pumped into the air, and caused Joker's consciousness to grow stronger than ever. With over a thousand of the Joker's Henchmen transferred to the asylum due to a fire at Blackgate, caused by one of the villains' inside agents, Joker and Scarecrow were prepared to enact the plan that they formed. To this end, Crane managed to find a hideout on Bleake Island, where he set up a lab behind the storeroom of Mr. Chen's toy factory; he also gained control of the top floor of another building, where he built a gassing chamber with a two-way monitor for communications. After Crane was ultimately exposed and captured by Batman and sent to the same institution that he used as a staging ground for his inhumane experiments, he realized that the hero had proved to be the only individual who was capable of inflicting fear on him. Dr. Young, however, also became absorbed by her own ambitions to use the serum to create a unique class of meta-humans, that could be sold throughout the globe to interested parties. However, Batman smashed his head against the control panel, and demanded to know how the Fear Toxin could be stopped. Scarecrow revealed he was broadcasting live across the city, seeking to make Gordon unmask Batman so that Gotham could see their beloved hero's face as he succumbed to the Fear Toxin. Angered by the Knight failing to follow his order to retreat, Scarecrow takes command of the militia and kidnaps Gordon. Crane was also glinted at having an obsessive mind and due to his damaged psyche, went to psychopathic lengths to achieve them into a reality. As Joker assumed control over Bruce's mind and body, Scarecrow told Bruce his intentions to not kill him, but rather release him back into the city just in time to see Gotham destroyed and all his allies being hunted down and killed as a final testament to his failure as Batman. The fact that Scarecrow chose Halloween to attack Gotham further showed his fascination of fear, and why he chose to take advantage of the night that lore had said fear would be at it most powerful, since monsters, like Scarecrows, are said to be at their strongest on Hallow's Eve, which may explain how Scarecrow became more dangerous. Scarecrow told the waiting Deathstroke that he had his chance to go after Batman, letting him use the majority of the militia however he pleased. Annoyed, Crane gave him another dose of the Fear Toxin. Shocked that Batman was able to fight off so much of his toxin, the Scarecrow retreated to the sewers via an elevator, unaware that it was Killer Croc's cell. He managed the latter, but the Joker wasn't outdone yet, and sent Victor Zsasz after Dr. Young. Batman later returns and sees the scene, being informed by Harley about what happened and of where the next message from Scarecrow would come from. Scarecrow escaping in Batman: Assault on Arkham. He is currently suffering from the chemical-induced chiropteraphobia (fear of bats) after his first encounter with Batman. He must face them! After months of extensive research, Crane ended up creating a strain of Fear Toxin that could be absorbed through the skin, effectively making gas masks useless; though hazmat suits would be effective. He also became derangedly obsessed with Batman, otherwise he is more specifically destroying his legacy by showing the world he was just an afraid man like everybody else, which failed. — Poison Ivy explains Scarecrow's plan to Batman. Without the Cloudburst to maintain it, the Fear Toxin cloud was cleared away by Ivy; however, the strain of doing so cost Ivy her life. While a normal dosage of Crane's fear toxin had no effect on Joker's mind, the more lethal dose, that was directly injected into Batman's veins, made it impossible for even the Clown Prince of Crime to withstand its effects. From a certain point of view, Scarecrow won his last battle against Batman, as the Dark Knight's identity was revealed to the world, which forced Bruce Wayne to fake his death, though his legend was kept intact. He seems to have entirely turned away from his former life of crime as the Scarecrow.

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