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He grabbed the bear mace and hatchet. 3:42 AM PDT Shayne once took over the Smosh and Smosh Games Instagram account and announced himself as "King of Smosh. Facebook YouTube The bear was looking for the food as it smelled it from miles away. Shayne ToppYouTubers React on SmoshSmosh PitSmosh GamesSmoshCast Shayne Topp Shayne's most infamous quotes from Smosh are arguably "Daddy needs his juice", "Munge" and "You're my favorite pizza place". Shayne Topp interesting facts, biography, family, updates, life, childhood facts, information and more: Audrey Whitby, Tiffany Thornton, Doug Brochu, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Brandon Mychal Smith, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Damien C. Haas, Bridget Shergalis, Grace Bannon, Sterling Knight, Shayne Robert Topp was born on September 14th, 1991. Damien Haas, Shayne Topp & Matthew Scott Montgomery (TV Episode 2018), HOT PEPPER TALENT SHOW (Smosh Summer Games). 2015-present (Smosh)2015-present (Smosh Pit)2015-present (SmoshShayne)2019-present (SmoshCast) Unfollow. Other works of note Physical Information Shayne once accidentally broke a PS3 controller in half from being frustrated while playing, Shayne's fandom is referred to as "Daddy needs his juice/juse" (similar to Courtney's "Ass Cheek Valley"). (, There was a long-held misconception that Shayne was allergic to peanuts, due to Damien incorrectly stating that in a Damien and Shayne Show after Shayne is given a box of peanut butter as a prank. Shayne has proven many times to be excellent at impersonations and accents. [Source] Also known as Shayne loves roasts that compare people to inanimate objects. (70.3 kg)[3] Family members As he got older, the managed to steal multiple acting roles in shows and movies such as, That's So Random!, Dear Lemon Lima, Moonpie, A Sort of Homecoming, Henry Danger, and The Goldberg's! David Dobrik Shoots a Fan's Eye Out, Mr. Shayne's favorite Pringles flavor is the BBQ Pringle. It was mentioned when this happened but it happened in his 20's. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Shayne and Damien Haas have worked together on several projects outside of Smosh. Shayne Topp was born on September 14, 1991 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Hair color Personal Information Shayne Topp, (born September 14, 1991), is an American actor and was a regular recurring cast member of'So Random' back in 2011-2012. Years Active Now, he is a regular Smosh cast member. adreamerjustlikeyoux . Grace Bannon news, gossip, photos of Grace Bannon, biography, Grace Bannon boyfriend list 2016. Shayne's iconic scream did not start until he met Matthew Scott from So Random. They went camping and decided to set up a tent away from the other campers but still at a campsite. Outside of Smosh, he has played one-appearance roles in various Nickelodeon shows. Shayne Topp Shayne Topp His family consisted of his mother, his dad who was in the US airforce, and his older two brothers, leaving him as the baby in the family. Shayne has a recurring role on a TV show The Goldbergs. Other online work Shayne considers ranch dressing soda to be the worst drink he has ever tasted. CaptainSparklez, Mini Ladd, and OMGItsFirefoxx, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. When he was really young, he almost drowned, and then explains why he's who, he is today! She joined the cast in 2011 until 2012 when it ended, along with many other bew casmates like Audrey Whitby, Shayne Topp, Damien Haas, Matthew Scott Mintgomery and Bridget Shergalis. Profession Male One of Shayne's favorite TV shows is ABC's. Grace Bannon is an actress who plays 'Grace Wetzel', as well as an array of other characters in the show 'So Random'. Catherine Topp (mother)Robert Topp (father)Brian Topp (brother)[5]Chris Topp (brother)[5]Wayne Topp (grandfather) He's also currently a member of Smosh and known as one of the funniest members in the Smosh Squad, and all of Smosh. He woke up several times to any little noise. One of the scariest moment in Shayne's life was when he and his brother went camping. TVLAND (076), Fri, Oct 16 3:30 AM PDT CALLING OUT LOGAN PAUL, JAKE PAUL, JENNA MARBLES, AND THE REST OF YOUTUBE! Shayne Robert ToppSeptember 14, 1991 (age 29)Florida[1] Vine Smosh work HUGE SUMMER ANNOUNCEMENT! Specifically, it ended about five hours before Shayne had to shoot a Smosh Sketch that went unaired until "WE REACT TO AN UNAIRED SMOSH SKETCH." Relationship history. He's mostly being roasted about his muscular figure; Noah said that he looked like "if an acoustic guitar was a human,", Shayne is incredibly well-read and is often playfully teased by his cast members for his love of books. Phoenix, Arizona[2] (Formerly)Los Angeles, California Shayne Robert Topp (born September 14, 1991) is an American actor and comedian most known for his work on Smosh.He is also known for his roles as Shayne Zabo on Disney Channel's So Random!, and as Matt Bradley in ABC's The Goldbergs. Shayne ZaboShanyeDaddyNeedsJuiceCourtney Freaking MillerCalamity JanetVegan GordonMatt BradleyThe Gerbil

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