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To be on the safe side, some customers take their solar-powered spotlights in for the winter, since they have trouble charging up properly in inclement weather. If you have a solar panel with a good conversion rate, the charging capacity per hour will be the conversion rate, times the solar panel area. 99. 3.8 out of 5 stars 28. They were founded in 2014. They typically will charge up when there is sunlight, and automatically turn on the moment that they detect that the ambient light is too low, from dusk to dawn. They are a brand on Amazon, with their headquarters in Sunnydale, California. The JSOT Solar Spotlights employ a Passive Infrared (= PIR) motion sensor and go even a step further. 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Keep your eyes open for solar spotlights that include a wall plug for installing the unit on the outside wall of your house, if so desired. Also, the solar panel on the Aponuo is 5 Watts, which is also impressive, to utilize the solar energy to charge the batteries. Lighting up the path to your house benefits both your family as well as guests trying to find the entrance. The angle that the beam spreads out is also important--and the Aootek Solar Spotlights spread out their light in a cone of 270 degrees! They charge up in as little as 4-5 hours and can stay lit for as much as 8-10 hours. They also come with two… The spotlights themselves are usually very reasonably priced--and after the initial investment, they don’t involve any added expense: they provide illumination without affecting your electric bill one bit. This is the case with the VicTsing 4-Pack Solar Spotlights. A set of solar-powered spotlights is an energy-efficient method of lighting up your front or back yard. Their products use efficient LEDs, which replace the older, more wasteful lighting technologies. Installation: Most of the outdoor solar spotlights featured here will have a detachable spike. The four modes available with the JSOT Solar Spotlights. We’ve composed this buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision when selecting a solar spotlight. Magictec is a maker of motion sensors, solar string lights, patio LED lights, and solar spotlights. Spotlight with a motion sensor: Many of these spotlights have the nice feature of using a dim illumination, and then switching to a more intense light when someone (or something) approaches. These lights are some of the brightest ones on the list. They immediately go on at dusk, when the ambient light is low, and stay on until dawn. However, it may be more convenient to attach the spotlight onto a wall or post. The Aponuo Solar Spotlights have a 9.8-foot (3-meter) cable between the solar panels and the spotlight. The Aponuo Solar Spotlights, illustrating the cord between the solar panels and the spotlights. But solar spotlights differ in their brightness, how long they take to charge up, and how long they can provide light. For example, the Aootek Solar Spotlights will detect motion from within 10-26 feet, in a 120-degree angle, as long as the lights are installed at a height of 5.6-6.6 feet. A Close Second: MINI 50X Twin Solar-Powered Spotlight IP 55; The High Points: good run time, useful modes, made from durable materials The Not-So: not very water resistant, okay brightness The strongest point of the MINI 50X Twin Solar-Powered Spotlight is its strength. Two methods of installing the VicTsing Solar Spotlight. You can set them to “motion sensor” mode in that they’re totally off. The spike will allow you to insert the spotlight into your lawn, alongside a walkway or driveway. Get it as soon as Sat, Oct 17. Read reviews of solar spotlights, and what customers are saying, Select the right brand of a solar spotlight, and. You might find that, during the short winter days, the solar panels will not be able to gather enough energy to charge the batteries for the long night ahead. (The JSOT Solar Spotlights have a mAh rating of only 2600, for comparison.) One of the best lights in terms of charge-up time is the Nekteck Solar Light. How long do they take to charge up: An important factor in selecting solar spotlights is the amount of time that they take to charge up. This is another definite advantage of installing your solar spotlights on a wall so that they can detect motion below. Solar Color Landscape Spotlights, T-SUNUS IP65 Waterproof Solar Powered spot Light Wall Lights, 2-in-1 Wireless Outdoor Solar Landscaping Light for Yard Garden Driveway Porch Walkway Pool Patio. The “mAh” stands for “milliamp-hours”, and, the bigger the number, the longer the battery lasts. Brightness levels: Many solar spotlights will feature adjustable brightness. The VicTsing Solar Spotlights allow you to rotate the solar panel by as much as 90 degrees in each direction--so that gives you the leeway of 180 degrees. The Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights feature three modes: 1) Medium-light mode, 2) Dim-light mode, and 3) Motion sensor mode (where the light is dim by default, but then lights up more brightly when it detects motion). Next are the Urpower Solar LED lights. Many solar spotlights share useful features, such as being weatherproof against hot sun, rain, and snow; being able to light up a wide area; or allowing you to install them either in the ground or by attaching them to a wall. Range of the motion sensor: If you choose to also use your spotlights in motion sensor mode, take note of the range of the detector. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page. See useful tips about that particular type of solar spotlight. Aootek is a manufacturer of solar LED lighting products such as solar spotlights and wall lights. But the size of the area of the solar panel will also figure into the equation. An example of this design are the VicTsing 4-pack Solar Spotlights. Many will feature a “low” and “high” level. Adjustable range of solar panels: But a disadvantage of installing the solar spotlights on the wall is that it might be difficult to adjust the angle of the solar panel. The JSOT solar spotlights will illuminate to a distance of 33 feet--so that means that you can space the lights at a distance of 30 feet away from each other. It'll help you: Choose the right type of solar spotlight. InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1 Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting Spotlight Wall Light … Durable housing: Solar spotlights will be outside all of the time--so it’s essential that they have a durable housing. This lets you station the spotlight in one place, and situate the solar panel in a place where they can soak in some more rays. They make solar spotlights that are suitable for a lawn, driveway, or garden. If you choose to purchase a set of solar spotlights such as these, you’ll have to be judicious in selecting a place that receives adequate sunlight year-round. FREE Shipping by Amazon. This will, of course, differ greatly, depending on whether it’s a sunny or cloudy day. And there is also an aesthetic aspect of the quaint look of lighting up the trees or landmarks near your property. Spotlight with a solar panel attached: There are solar spotlights where the solar panel is attached to the spotlight. Some have the convenience of allowing you to place the solar panel at a distance away from the spotlights. Solar energy conversion rate: You’ll see that solar spotlights differ in how much solar energy they succeed in storing in the rechargeable batteries. VicTsing was founded in 2012 as a manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances, in the line of computer accessories, and accessories for the car and home. That preserves the charge stored up in the rechargeable batteries. Spotlight with extension cord: Some solar spotlights come with an extension cord. When someone approaches, the light suddenly goes on. Others serve as motion detectors as well--not only do they provide light, they can also help keep your house secure. They are based in Shenzhen Guangdong, China. The battery life will differ greatly whether you set it on a high beam or low beam: On low beam, it will last up to 10 hours; on high beam, it will remain lit for around 6 hours. You’ll want to buy a unit that allows you to tilt the solar panel so that it takes in a lot of sunlight. Whereas solar panels generally manage to utilize 11-15% of the incoming sunlight, you can find some very efficient solar spotlights that manage to use as much as 21% of the sunlight that they receive. Distance between the lights: You’ll probably purchase these lights in sets, and install them in a way to illuminate a large area. Nekteck was originally a maker of mobile phone accessories and USB chargers, but they have expanded to a full line of cables, speakers, car chargers and jump starters, USB adapters, solar lights, and even massagers.

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