standard of living in sweden vs usa

We both live in Washington DC. And if so, is the reason for that the extra vacation, parental leave, socialized medicine that must come out of European salaries, as compared to the way we Americans are taxed? But I work about 45 hours a week on average (rarely over 50), have no car payments (I don't own a car -- use public transportation and walk). There is a considerable gap between the richest and poorest – the top 20% of the population earn four times as much as the bottom 20%. The only positive side of the state is the political engagement, with three-quarters of the population voting in the general election. Please enter price information for your location (Hungary) to help assist us in making these comparisons more accurate. I would gladly have more taken out of my paycheck for items such as affordable or free healthcare and a less stress working environment with muh longer holidays.

We did not realize though living in a city (Washington D.C.) would require us to work such long hours at these jobs we like just to compete with others in the job market!!! I agree with a great deal of what Pat has said.

State officials have notably approved the initiative to make community colleges tuition-free, thus being the only US state to do so. Aside from cultural differences, there is really little to contrast the standards of living in various countries in Western Europe and the US. I left a better-paying job in another city to move here so that I could take a job that I enjoy more and "downsize" my life, get rid of my car and some other things I didn't need, work shorter hours and take more vacation time. There is no wide disrepancy in america where the rih get richer and the poor get poorer. Some of this boils down to priorities. I want emails from Fodor's Travel with travel information and promotions. He was also on the course but had taken 8 months off his job in Belgium. (0.33 liter), Bottle of water Could this ever happen in the US? Do Americans have more material things and more money for leisure activities as compared to the European of the same age? Who is really the 'richer' person.??? Less than 82% of the man power has completed high school as of ‘13, the second lowest in the nation, and nearly 9.5% people were unemployed. (500 grams), Milk But I must say, as an American, I do admire and envy the European's way of life and their outlook of life. as there are households. In my mind they are even "more true" in Holland than some other parts of Europe. However, I also believe that to a certain extent, many Americans choose a standard of living that -- while paying relatively well -- requires compromises in terms of working hours, vacation time, etc. It has many dangerous communities, records 11 murders per 100,000 people, and features among the worst 10% of all OECD regions.

this seems incredible to me, obviously you don't work in public service or "on the hill" as i do and I'm jealous. I’m an American living in Sweden. (1 kg), Apples Total population of Sweden: 10,302,984. We make easily over 200k/ year. Mississippi is the U.S. state with the worst standard of living. By Tom Heberlein Updated Apr 17, 2017, 8:50am EDT (65 m2 apartment).

I couldn't have said it better than Sjoerd. are on average bigger in the USA than in these other regions. The first measurement is the GNP per head. However, it features among the worst 20% of OECD regions because of having the lowest voter turnout and employment, and the 8th lowest household disposable income per capita, though its homicide rate is 22nd lowest. I've lived in the US and the UK. (1 kg), Gasoline Yes they have less money in pocket to spend on themselves, but the countries as a whole have a better healthcare system and people are taken care of. We enjoy the work we are doing we did not choose them for the money even though it is good. Top 10 Facts About Living Conditions In Sweden Sweden boasts a high Human Development Index (HDI) score of 0.93, placing the country in the seventh place in world rankings. The residents of Georgia have among the worst standards of living, as Georgia fares particularly poorly on the job metric of OECD, with only 9% working-age adults being employed in 2013, the lowest in the country. Fresh, white, Local purchasing power, Pack of Marlboro, 1.5 litre bottle, After tax and 48 More Interesting Facts and Stats Consumer Prices in United States are 3.18% lower than in Sweden: Consumer Prices Including Rent in United States are 10.70% higher than in Sweden: Rent Prices in United States are 52.74% higher than in Sweden: Restaurant Prices in United States are 6.22% lower than in Sweden: Groceries Prices in United States are 5.33% higher than in Sweden Less than 60% of the households of the state have access to high speed broadband internet, which is among the lowest rates in the country. Actually I read somewhere recently that Vancouver has been rated the city with the greatest quality of life in the world. If you want to compare the cost of Living in Sweden VS United States, please visit our page and find comprehensive information related to the prices of the groceries, taxi fare, hotel prices, and compare easily. Twitter. Fourth, while Sweden has superb primary and high schools, American universities can not be beat.

The highly productive natural gas industry has exposed the economy of the state to fluctuations in the price of energy. I am American, and my husband is Irish. 20% of its population lives below poverty line, 3rd to two other states. Nearly 19% people live below poverty line. After registering, I can manage my newsletter subscriptions by visiting my Profile Settings page. Quick facts about living in Sweden. The HDI aims to measure the overall quality of life in a country and is an aggregate figure comprised of life expectancy at birth, Gross National Income (GNI) and expected years of schooling. (1 kg), Onions Sweden vs. Denmark - Cost of transportation, Sweden vs. Denmark - Cost of entertainment and sports, cost of living in Advertising - Its voter turnout was just 53.3% in 2013, one of the lowest in the nation, but this might change, with the state’s long-time Democratic governor is about to step down. Mississippi is the U.S. state with the worst standard of living. Your analysis is right on target. Large portions of the state are arid terrains, and hence cannot support more than 2 million people, despite being larger than many European countries, thus contributing to the poor infrastructure of the state. No mortgage (I rent a small one-bedroom apartment but hope to buy something eventually). Cost of living in Sweden compared to United States. It's a free, question-and-answer based forum to discuss Nonetheless, the standard of living in Sweden remains high, the country is quite prosperous, jobs are plentiful, and Sweden is known as one of the safest countries in the world. cheaper than. I had a Green Card but chose to return. I guarantee though most americans feel differntly as is evidenced by their voting for George Bush! Stockholm vs. Copenhagen, Basic meal with drink at inexpensive restaurant, Bottle of Coca-Cola Just about 85% of the human resource of Tennessee has completed high school as of 2013. It has a prosperous economy. It has the 6th lowest voter turnout, 17th lowest employment rate, 20th lowest Household disposable income per capita and 10th highest homicide rate. The life expectancy of an average Louisiana resident is less than 76 years, the 4th lowest in the US. What then unites us, makes us one? The ratio inhabitants/car recently became smaller than two. His job... without pay...with a well known international firm was held for him.

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