stuck in the middle season 3 episode 16

Sue bonds with her high school guidance counselor, Mike and Frankie fight when it comes time to buy a new bed, and Brick struggles with the president's physical fitness test. After Daphne uses the invention to transport herself downstairs and nearly gets hurt, she blames Harley when their mother checks on what happened. Hotel Transylvania: The Series. Harley strikes a deal with Buddy, having him compete with her family in the race, and if they win, he will fix the bus for free. The Diaz family does eventually arrive at the park, though late for Harley's award. Rodney sees her and attempts to grab the camera from her, but the camera breaks and Rodney rips his pants. As Harley, Rachel and later the rest of the children enjoy themselves in the cabana, Chester Torvilleton, the park's supervisor, presents them with a bill totaling $800, for drinks and treats they thought came free with the cabana. With the way the holiday has started out, Daphne becomes disappointed that it will be just another Easter like the others she remembers. The next morning, Harley, Ethan and Georgie discover Bai and the raft are gone. She surprises them by celebrating the holiday on the beachside. Suzy and Tom remove the playhouse, forcing Daphne to sleep in her sisters' room and disrupt their lives. Meanwhile, Ethan is directing Lewie and Beast's online channel called "Trash Twins", but the twins realize eating food from the garbage is harder than they imagined, even to impress Dumpster Jack. Harley figures she can come up with her project before the movie begins, while monitoring the seats she reserved for the family, but fails even after she manages to build something. The series stars Jenna Ortega, Ronni Hawk, Isaak Presley, Ariana Greenblatt, Kayla Maisonet, Nicolas Bechtel, Malachi Barton, Cerina Vincent, and Joe Nieves. They are unable to get information directly from the station, so they find a way to broadcast their inquiry about the car's winner. Daphne sees a huge cake and decides to take ownership by sitting on it as part of her "You butt it, you buy it." Because of her overall contribution to the family, Harley is named the Most Valuable Diaz. Special guest star: Ronni Hawk as Rachel Diaz. In the end, Tom and Harley score better than Troy and Savannah, but finish second to Brady Rice and his daughter. Things start going more smoothly until Harley realizes the box containing her grand entrance plans fails to reach the venue. Stuck in the Middle (TV Series) TV. Harley makes one last effort to divert Rodney's attention so the entire family can leave the store unscathed. When they find one who is almost a perfect match, they are shocked that it is their own next door neighbor, Bethany Peters. After having no success talking to Troy, Harley finds out he will be at the Dancing with My Dad auditions in Boston, and after noticing her father and Daphne have some dancing chemistry, she asks them to take part as contestants on the show. Lulu Lambros as Ellie Peters, Bethany's daughter and Harley's best friend who is on the same basketball team as Georgie. As Harley and Georgie prepare for Rachel's leaving, they hear from her that she missed the enrollment deadline at the school and is not going, but later find out she actually withdrew her application. When Harley's siblings refuse to try out her latest invention called the Grocer-Whee, she turns to Ellie to give it a test run, but Ellie worries she will get hurt. Harley painfully accepts her defeat, but Ethan informs her of a special award not based on votes, unlike the other awards handed out. They live it up until they dock at the port next to the dreaded Pillman family. Guest stars: Joshua Bassett as Aidan, Adam Hochstetter as Wyatt. When Rachel comes into the store to be with her boyfriend, he decides his job is more important, and it devastates Rachel. Georgie enlists Harley's help to break up with Wyatt. As the two brainstorm, they settle on running a camp for youngsters in the Diaz backyard, which Harley hopes will also fund a special quinceañera gift. Suzy and Ethan handle things at the Bait and Bite, while everyone else tackles cleaning out the garage, determined by Harley's mañana wheel. Season: OR . Suzy sends Harley to her room and puts her on "lockdown", the severest form of punishment in the Diaz family. Georgie calls her out for crushing on Aidan. Rodney catches up to them though and bans them. Guest stars: Peter Breitmayer as Mr. Delorco, Jeremy Guskin as Eddie. When the Morelands need a new babysitter for their triplets, Harley feels she is ready for the job based on her experience with Daphne, Lewie and Beast. The younger siblings usually look forward to Harley's babysitting since she makes it fun for them, but when she does things differently, they decide to give her a true test of the job. Frankie randomly assigns New Year's resolutions to each family member, but chaos ensues when everyone tries to live up to her expectations. Harley gets to appear on the television series Girl Power to highlight her accomplishments as an inventor. Season 2 of Stuck in the Middle was confirmed on June 15, 2016. Meanwhile, Lewie and Beast decide to camp in the backyard, and Suzy and Tom are not delighted about it. Harley struggles to get her siblings and parents to the park, where she is to receive a young inventor's award. Harley manages to return to her bedroom, with her siblings' help, before her older sisters join her in confinement. While she actually has no connections with that yacht club, she is later shocked to see a familiar face in Sandy Bluffs—Mr. That backfires when the glasses fall off and break at the pep rally, so Harley is forced to go to desperate measures to take the focus off her sister. Knowing Ethan's skill as a film maker, Harley proposes to make a new commercial for the shop, but also knowing Ethan's tendency to quit whatever he sets out to do, she is willing to stick with the old commercial should the project fail. Meanwhile, Georgie and Tom buy a game set which includes a pool table the children passed on to visit Abuela for Christmas, but they find out the product is defective. S1, Ep1. Episode List. Meanwhile, the family is unaware that Daphne is still at church, and calls from Ms. Peters to tell them go ignored. Meanwhile, Sue and Brick find Aunt Edie's ancient cell phone and decide to keep it for themselves. Later that night, Georgie reminds Harley how precious celebrating birthdays with the family is becoming, as the older siblings will soon be leaving home. After Axl plays a trick on Sue at school and doesn't come to her defense, a debate ensues over who's really in charge in the family, causing Mike to attend a parent-teacher conference with Brick's new teacher. A new church convinces the Hecks to "get their business done," but the results that stem from their new-found inspiration are mixed.

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