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Whatever progress you think TV has made on the front of LGBTQ representation, the sheer number of dead women on the list is profoundly troubling, to say the least. The response of the showrunner has, outside of a few unenlightening interviews, has been disappointing. LGBTQ viewers — who are among the show’s most active promotional allies — constitutes inexplicable and deeply unwise misdirection. June 2017. The 1. Watch Stargate The Ark Of Truth Vodlocker. Maybe something else would separate them, but it was clear that they would be the main couple at least for this season,” Bridges wrote. This woman — the most fearsome warrior in the show’s history — didn’t die defending Clarke; she just happened to be in the bullet’s path. Please enable it to continue. LGBTQ storytelling, invoked one of TV’s oldest gay cliches by killing her off mere seconds after she consummated her relationship with another woman, Clarke (Eliza Taylor). 00” was shooting its season three finale, Rothenberg tweeted to his more than 1. It all sounds like common sense, right? The fans who know how to help raise a show’s profile and make noise on social media are also whipsmart in any number of other ways. They’re also right. The character, Lexa, was killed off in the middle of the season in a manner that invoked any number of cliches about lesbians on TV, and the fact that in January, showrunner Jason Rothenberg took to Twitter to tout the actress’ appearance in the season finale made her death all the more baffling and disappointing. Many fans, regardless of sexual orientation, were left shaking their heads in disbelief. The servant, Titus, disapproved of Lexa’s relationship with Clarke, whom he tried to kill, but Lexa caught the bullet. Watch Stargate SG-1 episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. A cast member also tweeted about Debnam- Carey’s presence on the Vancouver set that day; fan videos and tweets soon confirmed that she was there. Rothenberg gave multiple interviews on the topic — Variety included — and retweeted stories from an array of publications that praised the show’s representation of gay, lesbian and bisexual characters. As I said in a March 4 post on the fracas, I could understand why they were upset — but in dozens of posts, tweets and emails, they helped me understand why they felt betrayed. For two years, the show has sought deep and frequent engagement with its fans — but once it was clear that the March 3 episode of “The 1. It’s a reminder that every story turn and promotional effort should be thoroughly thought through. Since March 3, it has fallen to co- executive producer Javier Grillo- Marxuach, who wrote the episode, to engage with fans in any significant and meaningful way, but his compassionate and committed response has only highlighted Rothenberg’s abdication of responsibility. Find previews for action, drama, romance, comedy, fantasy, science-fiction, family, adventure, horror films and more! And the tumult surrounding the show contain lessons that other shows and showrunners could learn from. Aided by the enthusiasm of the show’s many LGBTQ viewers, the outreach campaign worked. To call Lexa a fan favorite is putting it very mildly. One fan on Twitter summed up the general mood among a substantial subset of fans by saying, “I feel like I’m being used to keep up their ratings.”I’ll get into more details in a bit, but “The 1.

When things go south, don’t pretend nothing happened.

That’s especially true at the CW, but in the age of 4. To be sure, it wasn’t all that surprising that the character was written off, nor did most fans — or myself — have an innate problem with her exiting the show by dying or leaving in some other way. An old enemy helps the crew … The trumpeting of her appearance at the end of the season prompted many viewers, especially fans of the Lexa and Clarke pairing, to keep hope alive, but in reality, there was no hope to be found. The network just renewed all of its shows, in part because it measures engagement in a host of ways; overnight ratings are no longer the be- all and end- all. That’s why it is baffling that the show all but ensured that its most hardcore fans knew that Lexa would appear in the season finale. Rothenberg live- tweeted the March 1. If her appearance in the finale had been secret, that might have allowed the show to unleash a potentially interesting surprise, but in addition to taking the air out of that presumed twist, the way “The 1.

It would seem that the attitude of the showrunner and others associated with the show is that if they just ignore everything for long enough, it’ll all go away.

Except that “The 1. Watch Stargate SG-1 Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. But I was in the thick of it as this storm over “The 1. That was one of many mistakes. And by following her only moment of bliss with her lover, the Grounder queen’s death followed a time- worn and disturbing TV pattern. Stargate: The Ark of Truth ( 1,453 ) IMDb 7.4 1h 41min 2008 X-Ray 13+ An ancient artifact known as the "Ark" will play a key role in the ongoing fight between good and evil, and SG-1 is on the hunt for it. On a story and thematic level, Lexa’s death (despite being well- performed by the actors) had little resonance and almost no meaning. Meanwhile, fans are passing around lists of ideas for how to lower the show’s social media profile (Rothenberg himself has already lost thousands of Twitter followers), and the March 1.

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