weird facts about germany

15. The festival is an important part of Bavarian culture since 1810. Study in Holland at Leiden University! According to the laws in Germany, a pillow can be considered as a “passive” weapon. Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice. These dialects can be quite distinct from one another! What is so strange about Germany? The festival begins in mid or late September every year. However, be warned, it’s illegal to run out of gas on the autobahn. The problem Germany faces due to this is the surge in foreign students taking admissions. Germany lies in the center of Europe. 14. And, even though Germany is a rather large country, that still means there’s 231 people per sq km! It is also oddly illegal to walk on these legendary autobahns. 65% of Germany’s highways (“Autobahn”, in German) have no speed limit. The weird thing is college fee is free for foreign students as well. Germans would love to be wished on their birthdays. This odd law if broken can lead you to a penalty of close to $100. Every country and culture is based on different habits and behavior. A Berliner is actually a type of jelly donuts made in Berlin., so “Ich bin ein Berliner” can actually be translated to “I am a jelly doughnut.”. During JFK’s famous declaration of “Ich bin ein Berliner” he actually likened himself to a jam doughnut. Our little tip? From Aachen (during the Carolingian Empire) to Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Nuremberg, Berlin, Weimar (unofficially, during unrest in Berlin), Bonn (and East Berlin), and, since 1990, Berlin again! 4. According to German law, a person’s gender must be obvious by first name. Copyright © 2015 Study And Go Abroad Fairs. And, it sure is spectacular. Adolf Hitler was a crazy person to the world but luckily he wasn’t born in Germany. It is forbidden to drill on Sundays when people in the country are either relaxing or enjoying. 13. Préenregistrez-vous 65% of the highways in Germany (Autobahn) have no speed limit. It is strange that these bombs, close to 5,500 bombs are discovered every year averaging 15 bombs per day. If someone asks you if you want a beer and you say “thanks” (Danke), that means “no thanks”. You may need to think twice before pillow fighting in Germany. As it turns out, there's more than enough weird and wacky going down between the Vaterland's borders. But, escaping prisons in Germany is not a joke. There are still thousands of tons of unexploded bombs in Germany that were left out after World War II. 6. These green and yellow signs on the bus stops help these patients remember that they have to wait here to go home. Alzheimer’s patients have short-term memory problems and can remember long-term stuffs, which helps them to remember that bus stops are for “going home” by bus. Here are some other weird and crazy facts you likely didn’t know about Germany. One, assisting someone escape prion is illegal. The event happens annually in the city of Munich, Germany. Funnily, Government can or may reject weird baby names. For an international student, Germany should be right at the top of your list. Germany’s Capital City has shifted 7 times! This one is the weirdest in this list. Germany is a member of the European Union. We shouldn’t forget that every country has its own strange facts.

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