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Recorded in six days, their interplay is respectful as it is complementary, matching Drake’s inward-facing narratives with Future’s personal demon-slaying. Two of the hottest MCs in rap team up for a quick mixtape without slowing their roll, ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 20: Future and Drake perform at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash Block Show at Philips Arena on June 20, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. What a time to be alive (if you're Taylor Swift)!!!! “What a Time to Be Alive”, the opening track from Superchunk’s 2018 album of the same name, seems to address Donald Trump directly, though he’s never specifically named in the song. 2017–19: What a Time to Be Alive and collaborations. Meaning of “Leave a Light On” by Tom Walker “Leave a Light On” is a song by Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Walker. What a Time to Be Alive is a collaborative commercial mixtape by Canadian rapper Drake and American rapper Future.It was released on September 20, 2015, by Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, Republic Records, Epic Records, A1 Records and Freebandz.The mixtape was executive produced by Metro Boomin, who also produced or co-produced eight of its 11 songs. The mixtape ends with two solo cuts, Future’s “Jersey” and Drake’s “30 For 30 Freestyle.” Somehow, Drake still sounds like a crafty pop aesthete when he’s trying to pick up on Future’s spaced-out lunacy. We couldn't make our whole year-end list Future songs—or could we? You can also download his drum kit...for free! Yet that’s why it feels fresh and spontaneous. An Investigation, Baptized Inside Purple Actavis: Why Future Is the Artist of the Year, Taylor Swift Earned So Much Money This Year, She Makes Jay Z, Diddy, and Dre Look Like Chumps, Watch Future and Drake's #WATTBA Executive Producer Metro Boomin Make a Beat, Unearthing David Cameron's Secret Punk Manifesto, Here's a 43-Minute Edit of Drake Saying Nothing but "Jumpman". In an electrifying career reorientation, Future showed why he deserves a place in the rap canon this year. We also break down his beats for PartyNextDoor's "Things & Such," "You've Been Missed," and Drake & Future's "Plastic Bag.". All Rights Reserved. “Leave a Light On” is a song by Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Walker. Future dominates the chemistry, with his producer Metro Boomin behind most of the tracks. What a time to be alive — and being “alive,” as Future and Drake define it, involves having way too many feelings about way too many strippers for way too many sleepless nights. Drake - What A Time To Be Alive Lyrics - Full Album. Way before he was the Prime Minister, Cameron was pitching to base Tory strategy on the success of the The Ramones. ‘Emily is Paris’ Is Not a Good TV Show. Last modified September 12, 2020. What a Time to be Alive Quotes Showing 1-2 of 2 “The bus made its way slowly through Sydney traffic and out to the electorate of Reid. Jumpmanjumpmanjumpmanjumpmanjumpmanjumpman! Here’s Why Everybody’s Watching It Anyway, NBC’s Trump Town Hall Was Pointless and Shameful, Preview ‘Austin City Limits’ Special Celebrating Stevie Ray Vaughan, ‘$400 Million Is a Peanut’: Trump Admits to, Downplays Massive Debt During Town Hall, This Supercut Shows Just How Bizarre a Single Trump Fox Interview Can Be, Mariah Carey’s Diva Lit Masterpiece: Knowing Me, Knowing You, Not Knowing Her, ‘Kid A’ at 20: Why Radiohead’s Futuristic Masterpiece Sounds Right on Time, Emmys 2020: The PandEmmys, Even Better Than the Real Thing. Speaking with MTV, Walker said the lyrics of “Leave a Light On” were inspired by... Song Meanings and Facts © 2020. Why measure sorghum when you can get a robot to do it faster? This is the sound of Future’s Dirty South meeting Drake’s Great White North, both artists playing off their louder-than-life personalities without overthinking the details. It was a hat-trick of medical centres: three in three days. It’s a quickie and it sounds that way: a six-day digital dash in the studio. Yet both guys get confessional about the struggle. Sign up for our newsletter. We sit down with the Atlanta rapper in Harry Houdini's mansion and talk about ghosts and the meaning of life. When you say you love a nigga do you really mean it When I was sleepin' on the floor you shoulda seen how they treat me I pour the Actavis and pop pills so I can fight the demons [Future:] Their surprise mixtape collabo is shrewdly timed, since both MCs are on a creative roll after dropping two of the year’s biggest and best albums.

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