white palms 2006

Film is released in 2006-01-15 by Katapult Film, Filmpartners, . Miklos has been hired to help coach some contenders for the Canadian Olympic team, and finds himself working with Kyle Manjak (Kyle Shewfelt), an unusually talented young man whose mood swings make him difficult to work with. White Palms on mubi.com. Not Yet Rated 1 hr 37 min Feb 23rd, 2006 Drama. So, I've recently seen this movie, and have very mixed feelings about it. ", "The Helen Reddy story and the song that inspired a revolution", 'The War With Grandpa' Interviews with Robert De Niro and Jane Seymour. Canadian [nationality], coach, gymnastics, Hungary, Olympic-Games, runaway [from home], self-reflection, training. It gives a superb re-view of the late communist way of thinking. Coaching brings some of Miklos's personal issues back to the surface and he is confronted by the violent side of his nature while training Kyle. I loved this movie and it was the best one I saw at the Toronto International Film festival. The main stars are Oana Pellea, Gheorghe Dinică, . The movie is set in the actual "Ki Mit Tud?" Knowing this before, I would expect their acting performance week, but they were great, even the small boys. The traditions in East and West for training gymnasts have been long known but perhaps never more starkly portrayed than in White Palms. | | Countries - Hungary | MPAA Rating - NR. Or should he stick to a softer approach? DIRECTOR: Szabolcs Hajdu | WRITER: Szabolcs Hajdu | CAST: Zoltán Miklós Hajdu, Orion Radies, Silas Wind Radies, Gheorghe Dinica, Kyle Shewfelt | HUNGARY. White Palms is not quite consistent in terms of entertainment; it is sometimes resonant, sometimes a yawn. As Miklos tries to help Kyle focus his talents and come to terms with his demons, he finds himself frequently looking back on his own early career as a gymnast in Hungary -- his brutal coach Puma (Gheorghe Dinica), his domineering parents (Andor Lukats and Oana Pellea), and the grim regimen that led him to run away from home to join an acrobatics troupe. The parents were disgusting - I'd run away from home if they were mine. What I quite liked in the movie was the way the early 1980's scenes and feeling was depicted. After the film I read that two main actors were athletes. 4/10 | 3.Feb.13 Fehér tenyér | White Palms. East meets West in this authentic and challenging story of a gymnastics gold medallist, a story about a gymnast who rises above the abuse inflicted on him, Troubled young gymnast to troubling, but wise grown up athlete, Nothing like making a picture about an occupation you know something about. On values and performance in a sporty way. They usually are weak in direction, plot line, acting performance. FAQ Play Trailer; Overview. | Having suffered as a boy under a brutal Communist-era coach, champion Hungarian gymnast Miklos moves to Canada years later in search of a new start - only to find himself unwittingly perpetuating the very same cycle of abuse among his own pupils. Metacritic Reviews, The white palm is a catching movie about an athlete trying to face his talent, the environment and the faults he commits. Qualité: 720p BDRip Taille: 516 MegaByte Traduction: Vostfr - Anglais Sortes: Drama, Foreign, Film Gratuit Téléchargements: 5253 Commentaires: 55 A tedious story about a long-in-the-tooth Hungarian gymnast, Miklós Dongó, who’s hired to coach a junior gymnastics team in Calgary, intercut with flashbacks to Dongó’s childhood … We can see the way how he formed to the personality he is: the cruel trainings from childhood, the family-background, and the whole environment, a socialistic world. He signs up to be a coach many years later and is forced to train Kyle Manjak, a young Canadian gymnast whose talent is immense but is lacking in discipline. Generally speaking: cheap craps. The beginning of the movie is a bit slow, but it gets faster and it just catches you already in the middle of the movie and does not let you relax until the end. I appreciate the effort and detail at capturing the child abuse and then conveying it to the audience. Viewed in Budapest at the annual Magyar Film Week, (Magyar Film Szemle) February, 2006. While Sasha's mother is dreaming of her son's great career as a pianis... Áron is a happy child in his family. This is also interesting, as is based on a true story, the athlete plays himself in the movie. The story goes in different time-zones: side by side we can follow the child Dongó and his challenges, as well as the young man Dongó in Canada, training the new generation and than trying again his luck. Dongo is trained under a brutal and authoritative coach when he was very young. External Reviews It was shown very late at night with a warning beforehand of child abuse which nearly put me off watching it.

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