who is better messi or ronaldo vote

Often considered the best player in the world and regarded by many as the greatest of all time, Ronaldo has five Ballon d'Or awards, the most for a European player and is tied for most all-time. I say Ronaldo. Ofcourse messi hes the best in football history. Ronaldo is better. Ayudanos a seleccionar las canciones a interpretar durante nuestro concierto en el NOVO! They are both though amazing players. Messi he's cool and all but I like Ronaldo skills and his speed more than Messi skill. hosting editing They are both though amazing players. Neymar?! Over 380,000 people voted as Messi recorded 62% of the votes with Ronaldo garnering 38% of the votes. He's just the best! All Rights Reserved. Messi was the GOAT, is the GOAT and remain one for ever. Not only is the ability there, nut humility is also very evident. Top 3 winners will win the prizes, 1) Smaash Vouchers 2) Two Movie tickets 3) Decathlon Vouchers P.S.- In case of multiple winners, winner will be decided on the basis of some tasks which will be fun and will include social media handles. Neymar's overrated and overpriced. Messi is better. Not only does he deserve the best player in the world but he is the best player in the world now. Posted by: josealways123. cryptocurrency Neymar is lower than both of them. Use Poll in Facebook Messenger: Click here to share poll on specific pages, user profiles or purchase votes! VOTE FOR THE BEST. Who's better Messi or Ronaldo Posted by: Gavin226. you cant compare messi to ronaldo cuz ronaldo is unbeatable. Messi is a good player, but the only thing that he knows to do are triples. or go to the page, like it and submit your vote again. dating I like both as athletes, but Ronaldo is so hot! Ronaldo is just a faker. He simply is the best as he has great skills. 108 Total Votes 1. So my conclusion is that Ronaldo has a better Pace, dribbling, passing, fitness and more. Vote. VOTE..., Montreal, Quebec. Use your mastermind and start voting..!!! That why Messi's better. He's awesome, he's got the skills and he's amazing at soccer. Beginning to get on my nerves, all this 'who is the best, Messi or Ronaldo' nonsense. !VOTE FOR THE best soccer player alive His classiness and athleticism on and off the field is amazing. Click here to share poll on specific pages, user profiles or purchase votes. Well everybody knows that Ronaldo has a higher rated card in FIFA 15 and Messi is lower by one. "Full face" means the whole face of a person including the ears. Honestly if you watch any soccer at all you would know that Messi is much superior to Ronaldo. cars He is definitely someone you would rather your kid or even yourself to be when you're older than Messi.

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