why is it called traitors gate

While passing under the London Bridge, the prisoners got their fist shock, as they had to face the terrible sight of the heads of the executed … Many thanks. The panoramas were made playable and interactive by Peter Lundholm, with the tools DeBabelizer and Macromedia Director. The team sought to replicate the structure with near-perfect accuracy and began by capturing over 5,000 reference photographs on location. Raven is subsequently tasked with infiltrating the Tower, secretly swapping the real jewels with forgeries and escaping without leaving behind evidence. Eklund and Kjellberg used the programs WaveLab and Cubase VST to compose Traitors Gate's music, which was made with a combination of sampled, synthesized and live instrumentation. This page was last edited on 23 August 2020, at 00:46. At the start of the game, Raven's superiors believe that another ORPHIA operative plans to steal the British Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. "[1] Cant's complaints were echoed in PC Zone, whose writer Mark Hill called the game dull and dismissed its puzzles as "childish". Traitor’s Gate Traitor’s (or Traitors’) Gate was a watergate – orig­i­nally simply called the Water Gate – beneath St Thomas’s Tower at the Tower of London. Edward’s royal barge could be moored beneath the great archway, built using cutting edge Crusader castle-construction technology gleaned from the King’s time fighting in the Holy Land.” (p. 21), In addition the guide states that “the timber framing above the archway is a memento of happy times for Anne Boleyn. [37] Deals with companies in France, Italy, Britain and the Netherlands were secured by February. [53] In June 2000, the game launched in the Tower of London gift shop, which made it the only video game available there at the time. [64] According to the Eurofound, Traitors Gate was also successful in the United States, which the group wrote was "primarily because a huge supermarket chain" in the region had opted to stock it. [3] These forgeries are equipped with hidden tracking units. [11] Hardware upgrades were frequent during production. [82] First announced as Cypher: The Sequel to Traitors Gate in April 2003,[79] Traitors Gate 2 casts the player again as Raven, who now seeks to thwart the plot of Middle Eastern terrorists and a treacherous American agent. [10] According to Papworth, North America's buying power was equivalent to the rest of the world's combined, and it was "seen as the paramount market to crack" for international developers at the time. [60] September 2000 became the first-ever month that Daydream turned a net profit, in part thanks to the sales increase of Traitors Gate. [70] Hill and Cant both strongly critiqued Traitors Gate's graphics, which they considered bland and unengaging. [39] Papworth estimated the final budget for Traitors Gate as between $1 and $2 million in United States currency. Please support this website by adding it to the whitelist in your ad blocker. [78] Traitors Gate 2 was ultimately developed by the company 258 Productions. [29] The average team size was seven members throughout production,[11] although other employees cycled in and out of the project as needed. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Some of the text content of Hidden London is drawn from. [2] Traitors Gate features multiple endings based on the player's actions throughout the game. Traitors Gate was conceived in November 1996, when designer Nigel Papworth of Sweden's Daydream Software began to explore possibilities for the company's next title after Safecracker. [55][16] It sold 48,000 units worldwide by the end of May 2000,[56] and was a hit in Spain,[57][58] which accounted for 22,000 sales by April 10. Prisoners were brought by barge along the Thames, passing under London Bridge, where the grisly heads of recently executed prisoners … The Traitors' Gate is an entrance through which many prisoners of the Tudors arrived at the Tower of London. Traitors' Gate, 2007 . ( Log Out /  Sir Henry Norris and the Queen's brother, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford were arrested, accused of adultery with the Queen and taken to the Tower of London by barge and also passed through the Traitors Gate entrance. [33] Papworth explained that the techniques Daydream developed while working on Safecracker, a game created with QuickTime VR,[16][29] had since been incorporated into the newer RealVR software suite. 'Shall I go to some dungeon?' 2009, Historic Royal Palaces Experience the Tower of London, Historic Royal Palaces, Surrey. [22], In January 1998, Daydream Software announced "Project II" as Traitors Gate and scheduled its public unveiling for the following month, at the Milia festival in Cannes. The pair relied on Oberheim Matrix 1000 and Yamaha A3000 synthesizers, a Yamaha AES1500 and a Roland GR-1 for the synthetic and live elements. [3] Cal Jones of PC Gaming World similarly praised the puzzles and visual detail, but noted a slight blurriness to the graphics and found the game brief despite its "nice covert feel". Traitors' Gate. It proceeded to appear at E3 1999, and development costs rose to 10.6 million kr by the end of May, with 2.03 million of this figure depreciated through capitalization. The game spent over three months in the top 10 of Spain's sales charts. [5] Controlling Raven, the player then exits the closet and infiltrates the Tower.[2]. Don't be misled by those expansionist tendencies. Advertisements help keep Hidden London going. Traitors Gate is a 1999 graphic adventure game developed by Daydream Software. Despite noting that the sewer maze portions of Traitors Gate make it "more suitable for experienced gamers", Wells enjoyed the game and did not criticize its use of mazes. The player assumes the role of Raven and solves puzzles within the Tower while evading the guards. [citation needed], The name Traitors' Gate has been used since before 1543, when that name is used on Anton van den Wyngaerde's panorama of London. Anne's behaviour while imprisoned in the Queen's House in the Tower oscillated from a resigned calmness to occasional bouts of hysteria and depression. There was a heavy down pour of rain. Traitor’s (or Traitors’) Gate was a watergate – orig­i­nally simply called the Water Gate – beneath St Thomas’s Tower at the Tower of London. The prover­bial saying ‘a loyal heart may be landed at Traitor’s Gate’ was first quoted (as ‘a loyal heart may be landed under Traytor’s Bridge’) in Thomas Fuller’s History of the Worthies of England (1662). Pre-rendering the game's panoramic environments challenged the team, which averaged seven members. The fate of her mother, Anne Boleyn, who had been executed on Tower Green when she was but three years old, must have been paramount in her mind as she passed through Traitors GateElizabeth, in a state of terror, believed that she would never leave the Tower once she had passed through Traitors Gate. [11] The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) traced Traitors Gate's country-by-country success rate to the quality of Daydream's distribution partners in each region. In 1724–1726, it was adapted to drive machinery for boring gun barrels. Notable prisoners such as Sir Thomas More Elizabeth was taken on Palm Sunday 1554, by barge, to the Tower.

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