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The new campus is located in located in Zayed Cityin … The built-up area features a segregated campus that can accommodate both males and females during the core hours but in separate and identical facilities that mirror each other. Zayed University has campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was founded in 1998 as a higher education institution for women. Globally recognized as the leading university in the region for excellence in educational innovation, research, and student leadership development that serves the changing needs of the nation in economic, social and cultural advancements. My parents had forced me to go to this school to be close to home and as a result I hated it for the first year. All rights reserved. Each of the parties having distinct roles and responsibilities that are known to the users of the campus. The campus was designed by German architect, Hadi Teherani, and inspired by the desert environment in which it would be constructed combining the modern and traditional to produce a striking complex with an iconic roof design. If you focus on the details, you’d realize how hard they work to ensure the late Sheikh Zayed’s vision lives on. Our graduates are prepared to contribute to and promote the social and economic wellbeing of UAE society and the professions. If students succeed at the program, they can enter the colleges at Zayed University to continue their studies. Have had the opportunity to earn a degree from this reputable institution, have made so many amazing friends along the way and will hopefully go back soon to do my Masters. Avg. Formally, the central functions of the University are linked organically – inspired by the flowing forms of the desert and the veil. ​​The campus capacity is to accommodate a total of 6,000 students, approximately 70% Female and 30% Male. Sign up for job alerts Get new jobs for ZAYED UNIVERSITY by email. The university offers a wide range of courses. Zayed University is a national and regional leader in educational innovation. The university is named for Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the country's first leader. The campus became operational in August 2011 and boasts impressive state-of-the-art facilities, spaces of which include: 413 classrooms/quiet study areas/laboratories; 764 faculty & college administration offices; Varied sizes of auditoriums (convention center auditorium capacity of 1000 persons, library auditoriums capacity of 400 and 200 persons respectively). Proudly bearing the name of the nation’s founding President, Zayed University is a federal institution that prepares bilingual graduates to contribute to and advance all aspects of society. The Dubai campus moved to Academic City in 2006. Registration address. These parties include ZU CPD and JBI/Serco. By Duangphorn Saenthaweesuk Leyland (Nov, 2014) | Reply, Zayed University- love the spirit, the people and the awesome new campus!

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